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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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MidMos Solutions have developed an industry leading bed bug monitoring system with extensive research into Bed Bugs to exploit their biological lifecycle and natural behavior. The BB Alert® Bed Bug Monitoring System encompasses the BB Alert® Active monitor and the BB Alert® Passive detector to provide the most well-rounded bed bug monitoring solution available.

The BB Alert® Active takes advantage of the bed bug’s feeding behavior by utilizing a special heat pad which mimics a host by releasing optimum levels of heat over an 8 – 12 hour period. The bed bugs get attracted to the emitted heat and crawl into the unit where they are then caught on the glue base for inspection.

The BB Alert® Passive has been developed to provide the perfect harborage for bed bugs when they are not actively seeking a blood meal. During the majority of the time in a bed bugs life they are inactive and hiding, only coming out when seeking a blood meal. The BB Alert® Passive takes advantage of this biological fact and provides them with a harborage. As the bed bugs go into the harborage they excrete excess blood which can be seen by quick visual inspection on the white border around the unit.

The new BB Alert® Bed Bug monitoring system provides you with a unique opportunity to secure contractual revenue, maximize your revenue streams and increase customer retention levels. If you want to provide value to your customers then give them the peace of mind of pro-active bed bug monitoring with BB Alert® and let them see that you truly care for their well being.