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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Home News YPIL Group, Ensystex to Market Powder Cockroach Control Product

YPIL Group, Ensystex to Market Powder Cockroach Control Product

Cockroach Control Products

Privately held start-up company YPIL — Pest Elimination has signed an agreement with Ensystex to market in 13 countries professional use pest control products based on YPIL’s proprietary dry flow magnetic powder technology.

| November 30, 2010

Herefordshire, United Kingdom — Privately held start-up company YPIL — Pest Elimination has signed an agreement with Ensystex to market in 13 countries professional use pest control products based on YPIL’s proprietary dry flow magnetic powder technology.

Established in 2003, YPIL Group (Yeoman-Protex International Ltd) is a privately held company with operational facilities and administrative offices in the UK. Its core business skill is centered on powder technology; its primary served market is the electronics industry, to which it is a supplier of refined proprietary inorganic fillers for electrical/electronics/microelectronics encapsulants, as well as a variety of resin filling applications.

The company says it creates innovative applications for powder technology. This drives growth in the core business arena, as well as creating new business domains, in the areas of fuel enhancement (improvements to the combustion process in boilers) and pest elimination.

Under this agreement, Ensystex will import YPIL’s patented MAGTHANITE dry flow magnetic powder and blend active ready-to-use product in two Ensystex facilities (Fayetteville, N.C., and Auburn, New South Wales, Australia).

Ensystex researches, sythesises, develops, formulates, manufactures and supplies premium quality, environmentally responsible, urban pest management solutions for use by professional pest managers, the company says. Ensystex has achieved a high international reputation as a supplier to this market segment over the last 10 years, the firm reports.

Products will be rolled out progressively as registrations are obtained across 13 countries: Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, the United States, South Africa, Oman and Qatar.

Initially the focus will be on cockroach control, with product being marketed under Ensystex’s Blattathor brand. The MAGTHANITE technology has already shown its adaptability to other insect species, and Ensystex says it plans to expand the technology into products targeting ants, termites and bed bugs.

The MAGTHANITE technology, developed by the YPIL Group as a new application for its core industrial powder business, brings an innovative approach to the control of crawling insects.

The principle behind MAGTHANITE is that since a cockroach’s exoskeleton carries a magnetic charge, the magnetic powder with an added active ingredient adheres to the exoskeleton of a foraging cockroach and so is transferred directly by the cockroach into the harbourage. The insecticide is then transferred through the harbourage by contact, ingestion, ingestion of fecal matter and vomit and necrophagy, creating what the company calls a “Multiple Cascade Effect,” or chain-reaction of primary, secondary and tertiary mortality.

The agreement with Ensystex is a continuation of YPIL’s strategy to expand its network of top-line blender/formulators to produce locally blended ready-to-use product with market-appropriate packaging and active ingredient utilizing the inactive powder exported from the UK.

The technology – which has attracted wide interest across the pest control world and has been exhibited at shows like NPMA PestWorld, PestEx, Expoprag, Parasitec and FAOPMA – was launched this year in Spain, Argentina and Brazil.

In 2011 YPIL — Pest Elimination plans to put in place agreements covering several other European countries, further markets in South America, and is actively looking to expand operations into India, Japan and Mexico.

For more information see the YPIL website:

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