LG Life Sciences Nifty Fifty Promotion

LG Life Sciences Nifty Fifty Promotion

May 13, 2011

LG Chemical America, Inc.

Product Promotions

To help celebrate the growing success of Lambdastar 9.7% CS with EcoCap Technology and Fenvastar Plus with PMPs around the country, LG Life Sciences wants to thank those firms that are becoming advocates of the new LG formulations for lambdacyhalothrin and esfenvalerate.  Companies can earn cutting-edge LG Electronics’ technology by purchasing LG Life Sciences’ cutting-edge formulation technology in the form of Lambdastar 9.7% CS and Fenvastar Plus.  Additionally, PMPS and LCOs will be able to include bonuses from new product(s) that LG will be introducing during the remainder of 2011.

The program requires pest management professionals to have earned 50 points by purchasing 50 cases (one point per case) of either or a mixture of the two currently available LG products from Jan. 1, 2011 through Oct. 31, 2011.  Companies don’t have to wait until November to claim their prize.  As soon as companies achieve the 50 points, they can obtain their 42-inch LG LED TV.

“I just spent some time in the United States visiting with pest control and lawn care companies in the Southeast.  Those firms that have tried Lambdastar for chinch bugs in lawns or ants, stink bugs and even wasps on perimeters liked the quick action and the long residual.  Those who have tried Fenvastar Plus to knockdown fleas quickly have been impressed and come back to buy more product,” said Steve Kim, manager of the International Marketing team that supports the U.S. operations. “Step by step, we are gaining more supporters, and I hope they will spread the word about Lambdastar and Fenvastar and continue to buy more LG products. LG, in turn, can do more fun incentive programs like the NIFTY FIFTY.”   

Patrick F. Callahan, national sales and marketing manager for LG Life Sciences,  added, “With fleas popping up more and more, PMPs are turning to LG’s Fenvastar Plus as the product of choice for quick knockdown and kill of fleas while doing a broadcast treatment indoors on carpets, wooden floors and even tile. They can then use the same product outside as a lawn spray to kill the offending pests.” Callahan added, “Our Lambdastar 9.7%CS with EcoCap technology may be the only product in the U.S. to specifically list the 2 new invasive species – brown marmorated stink bug and kudzu bug – on the label.  Additionally, Lambdastar will give companies in the southern states one more economical, yet effective, rotational option for their chinch bug management program in warm season grasses like St. Augustine grass.”

For information contact Patrick Callahan at pfcallahan@lglsna.com or Rockwell Labs at 866-788-4101.