Marathon Data Systems — Booth #1811

Marathon Data Systems — Booth #1811

October 11, 2012


PestPac’s integrated route optimization module, PestPac RouteOp, helps companies reduce fuel costs and increase efficiency, while also improving customer service. RouteOp allows you to optimize stops for multiple days and technicians, resequence stops for one day, and features a “Best Fit” appointment scheduler which suggests the best day and time for an add-on appointment based on your existing schedule in under a minute. PestPac RouteOp respects individual scheduling constraints such as day of the week, time of the day, days since the last service, and locked appointments. PestPac RouteOp allows you to complete more jobs with the same number of technicians, directly adding to your bottom line each month. By allowing you to quickly schedule emergency and add-on appointments, RouteOp ensures you are the only call a client makes when they are in need of fast service. The best part is that RouteOp is fully integrated into PestPac Software; no need to export and import data from another system! Stop by booth 1811 at PestWorld 2012 to see PestPac RouteOp in action! You can also visit

or call 800-762-0301 for more information and to schedule a free demo.Visit

and stop by booth #1811 at PestWorld 2012 to see PestPac RouteOp in action.