Quest Heat — Booth #612

Quest Heat — Booth #612

October 11, 2012


Quest Heat recently added to its Electric Heat Product Line, which includes the popular EHS 31 (31,000BTU, 220V-30/50Amp) and the EHS 62 (62,000BTU, 110/220V 4-12Amp/1-30/50Amp), with its Quest EHS 20, a compact but powerful 20,000BTU/110V heater that is the perfect compliment for supplemental or tent heating.

The Quest PowerHeat 300 Pro Hydronic System with its 308,000BTUs of clean, safe, efficient heat remains a favorite among PCOs and includes the CHH300 Central Hydronic Heater and powerful, durable HFC80 Fan Coils and 3000CFM Air Movers. But, Quest wishes to announce that it also has added a 990,000BTU Central Hydronic Heater, the Quest PowerHeat 980 Pro. This central hydronic heater is currently sold separately, but complete custom system configurations with this unit are available upon request.

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