Free InTice Smart Ant Gel

Free InTice Smart Ant Gel

May 5, 2010

Rockwell Labs Ltd
Product Promotions

Rockwell's original InTice Sweet Ant Gel has now been phased out since the company introduced its new InTice Smart Ant Gel, which is a superior formula.  The last cases of InTice Sweet Ant Gel shipped to distributors last week.

InTice Smart Ant Gel has better initial acceptance by ants, and also has the added advantage that the unique texture doesn't develop a "skin", so ants can keep feeding even as the bait dries.  Studies also demonstrate superior ability to kill queens.  Its thick consistency won't drip in the hottest weather, and it also has a better label.

PMPs should contact Rockwell today for a free sample (for a limited time).  Toll Free: 866/788-4101, or email and note the company name and shipping address.

PMPs are advised to ask their distributor for the 6-pack box when ordering InTice Smart Ant Gel, to get the best price on a per syringe basis.  Each syringe comes with a plunger.  Visit for further information on InTice Smart Ant Gel and Rockwell's other products.