Syngenta — Booth #1405

Syngenta — Booth #1405

October 11, 2012


Syngenta announces the EPA registration and availability of its Tandem insecticide, a new product with dual modes of action to control more than 90 indoor and outdoor pests, according to the manufacturer. The formulation and chemistry of Tandem combines lambda-cyhalothrin and thiamethoxam, to provide pest management professionals with one flexible, broad-spectrum product, according to the company.

“Tandem provides pest control from cupboard to curb,” said Pat Willenbrock, brand manager for Syngenta. “With two active ingredients and the flexibility to use on various sites, Tandem eliminates the need for technicians to carry and use multiple products, making it easier to tackle a variety of pest issues.”

Tandem is labeled to use indoors for residential, commercial and food-handling areas and outdoors for perimeter or spot treatments for general pests including ants, crawling insects, flying insects, occasional invaders, and more. Tandem has a full turf-application label allowing for lawn and landscape application. For more information, visit booth #1405.