WIC-100 ECG Wireless Recordable Inspection Camera

WIC-100 ECG Wireless Recordable Inspection Camera

August 26, 2010

NTE Electronics

Detection Equipment

NTE Electronics has introduced a new WIC-100 ECG Wireless Recordable Inspection Camera that assists in finding, diagnosing, and solving pest problems.

Following in the footsteps of the WIC-1 Wireless Inspection Camera, this new deluxe version features a smaller 9 millimeter diameter camera head that allows for simple visual inspections in extremely small, hard-to-reach areas.  The camera head and shaft are fully waterproof (IP67) for inspections underwater or where contact with fluid is possible.  The WIC-100 also includes the ability to easily record video and take pictures directly onto a removable 2GB SD card.  Users can view images and video on their computer for better documentation and reporting of problem areas.  The new WIC-100 features a larger 3.5-inch removable color LCD monitor. The wireless component of both inspection cameras allows users to put the camera where they need it and the monitor where they or their customer can see it, up to 30 feet away.
For more information visit www.nteinc.com.