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Monday, April 21, 2014

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Rodent Control: A Practical Guide for Pest Mgmt Professionals

Books, Structural Pest Management
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By Robert M. Corrigan; Dan Moreland, Editor

ISBN 1-883751-16-0 | Published 2001 | Hardcover | 355 pp | illus

List Price: $49.95

After 28 years in the urban and industrial pest management industries, well-known industry consultant Bobby Corrigan shares his extensive knowledge of commensal rodents in this hardcover book. Rodent Control provides a comprehensive look at commensal rodent biology and behavior and multiple approaches for their control.

Special features:

  • Fully dedicated to structural rodent control
  • Written especially for PCOs by a former PCO
  • Hundreds of color photos and illustrations of rarely captured rodent behavior
  • 350+ pages of in-depth information on commensal rodent biology and behavior
  • The most comprehensive book ever written on the subject for PCOs


  • Introduction To The Rodents
  • The Pest Significance of Commensal Rodents
  • The House Mouse
  • The Norway Rat
  • The Roof Rat
  • Deer Mice, Woodrats (Packrats) & Voles
  • Practical Rodent Inspections
  • Practical Sanitation Issues
  • Practical Rodent Exclusion
  • Rodent Traps & Other Non-Chemical Tools
  • Rodenticide Baits & Bait Stations
  • Rodent Pest Management in Homes & Apartment Complexes
  • Rodent Pest Management in Commercial Buildings
  • Rodent Pest Management in the Food and Warehousing Industry
  • Rodent Pest Management for Municipalities
  • Rodent IPM for Livestock Facilities
  • Challenging Rodent Control Situations



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