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Sunday, March 29, 2015

2014 PCT Technician of the Year Awards Form


The PCT Technician of the Year Awards are designed to honor the achievements of the pest control  industry's finest service professionals. When completing the entry form we ask that you keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Minimum 5 years in the industry.  
  • Participation in industry educational meetings.
  • Exhibits excellence in safety, customer relations and leadership skills.
  • Active in community service.   
  • Specify what category you are nominating the technician (residential, commercial or termite).

All entry forms must be completed by owner, manager or technical/training director and companies may nominate more than one candidate. (Additional forms are available as PDF documents at  Incomplete entry forms will not be accepted and the decision of winners by PCT magazine is final. All nominations are confidential. Deadline For Entry Forms: July 18, 2014

**Required Field
**Technician Name:  
**Company Name:  
**Name of Owner/Manager:  
Address (if different from technician):
**Category (choose one)  

**Total number of years in industry:  
**Number of years with present company:  
**GREEN CONSIDERATIONS: How does this service professional assist your company with its 'green' initiatives? Provide examples of how this service professional uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and/or assists with internal company-wide 'green' initiatives.  
**BACKGROUND AND TRAINING: List previous relevant occupations (include dates if possible); colleges or universities attended; correspondence courses completed; major educational seminars attended; classes they have helped teach, etc.  
**COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: List organizations and positions held:  
**Honors: List awards earned both inside and outside of the company. In addition, please submit one ore more of the following: photocopy of an award; customer/industry colleague appreciation letter; newspaper clipping, etc. via fax to Brad Harbison at (330) 659-0823.  
Why is the technician worthy of this award? Include an evaluation of the technician's performance in these categories: customer relations, leadership skills and safety.
**You may want to consider the following questions in your response: What are this technician's strengths? How has this technician's performance contributed to the success of your company? Why would you hire this technician again? How does this technician deal with adversity?