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Sunday, July 05, 2015

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Temp-Air, Thermal Remediation Division

3700 W. Preserve Blvd. Burnsville MN 55337

ph: (800) 836-7432 fax: (952) 707-5221

Temp-Air, Thermal Remediation

Thermal Remediation from Temp-Air provides industrial heat treatments for stored product pest management. Our patented ‘positive pressurization’ process using direct ?red, make-up air heaters in conjunction with fans and high temperature duct work and predetermined air-changes is highly effective to control stored product pests. Heat treatments can be performed as a full plant treatment, partial/spot treatment, or a bin/silo treatment which kills all stages of the insect’s life cycle – from eggs to adults. During heat treatment, non-treated adjacent areas like of?ces, shipping zones, etc. are able to remain operational; also, the process does not result in any long-term, damaging side effects in the area treated. The Thermal Remediation process is effective, safe, and eco-friendly with no phase-out. So next time don’t fume, just heat it!