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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

PCT Top 100 List

PCT magazine is in the process of identifying the largest 100 pest management firms in the U.S., based on 2014 revenues. Please take a moment to provide us with the following information about your company and submit it to us by Friday, February 20. You also can download a PDF of the form and fax it back to PCT at 216/525--0515. We look forward to your reply so that your company receives the recognition it deserves as a member of PCT's Top 100!

*If you encounter any problems with this form please e-mail


**Required Field
Web Address
How many offices does your company have?
What percentage of your business is residential vs. commercial (total should equal 100%)?
Residential: %
Commercial: %
**What were your total revenues in 2014 (Jan. to Dec. 2014)?: $  
Did you experience a(n) increase/decrease in your firm's revenues from 2013 to 2014?
What percent increase/decrease did your firm experience from 2013 to 2014 (please include + or - symbol)?
Do you anticipate a(n) increase/decrease for your firm's 2015 revenues (please choose one)?
We anticipate ___% increase/decrease in 2015 (please include + or - symbol).
Please indicate the percentage of your overall business in the following areas (answers should add up to 100%):
General Pest Control: %
Termite Control: %
Turf & Ornamentals: %
Other (please explain): %
If you offer termite control, please indicate the percentages of your offerings (Total should equal 100%):
Pre-Treats: %
Post-Construction: %
Please indicate the number of employees in each of the following areas:
General Pest Control Technicians:
Termite Technicians:
Universal Technicians:
**Total Number of Employees:  
What is the name of the individual holding each of the following positions?
General Manager:
Technical Director:
GPC Manager:
WDI Manager:
Purchasing Director:
Marketing Manager:
Sales Manager: