Bayer-Sponsored Webinar ‘Bed Bugs: Current Situation, Solutions & Answers’

July 9, 2010

A webinar focusing on the control and prevention of bed bugs presented by Bayer’s Joe Barile and University of Kentucky’s Mike Potter. Barile shared key insights on the recent bed bug resurgence and their influence on the pest management industry, while Dr. Potter, one of the industry's leading bed bug experts, answered inquiries regarding this prolific pest.


Sponsored Podcast: Bayer's Gordon Morrison and Eric Lentz Discuss Ant Control

April 9, 2010

Gordon Morrison, Maxforce marketing manager at Bayer, and Eric Lentz, general insect control marketing manager, provide tips for product use during ant season and discuss Bayer’s ant control... Read More

Suspend Polyzone

November 8, 2011

Video reviewing the benefits of Suspend Polyzone, a new pesticide from Bayer. Read More

Harmonix Informational Video

March 28, 2013

A video from Bayer introducing Harmonix, the companys new botanical insecticide. Read More