Matt Frye and Pari Pachamuthu on IPM in Commercial Accounts

June 11, 2014

Frye, community IPM extension educator at Cornell University, and Pachamuthu,technical trainer, Western Exterminator disucss IPM in commercial accounts, the same topic of the chapter the co-authored in the new PCT Commercial Pest Management book.


Dr. Laurel Hansen on Ant Management vs. Ant Control

May 10, 2011

Hansen, instructor and researcher at Spokane Falls Community College, discusses situations when management is the best approach and situations when control should be the goal. Read More

Dr. Coby Schal on New Cockroach Glucose Aversion Findings

May 28, 2013

Schal discusses a study published Thursday in the journal Science that sheds new light on cockroaches and glucose aversion. Read More

John Cooksey on Pest Management in Food Service Facilities

June 4, 2014

John Cooksey, vice president of operations, McCall Service, and a member of the Copesan Technical Committee, discusses pest management in food service facilities, the subject of the chapter he... Read More