Releasing a Caged Skunk

June 22, 2012

Stephen Vantassel shows how to release a caged skunk without (hopefully) being sprayed. Vantassel works for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management


Squirrel Tail Propulsion

February 19, 2013

William Earl took this video as part of his studies as to whether or not a squirrel can use its tail for extra propulsion during a jump. Read More

Scott Steckel Discusses Proposed PESTT Act (H.R. 730)

April 8, 2013

Steckel, of Varment Guard, Columbus, Ohio, and chair of NPMA's Wildlife division, discusses H.R. 730, legislation aimed at better defining the role of USDA-Wildlife Services. Read More

Why Leafcutter Ants Go Underground

February 2, 2016

University of Oregon physicist Robert Schofield has documented leafcutter ant behavior in a 90-second video clip. Read More