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Monday, December 22, 2014

PCT Webinars

Welcome to PCTOnline's webinars. Below, you'll find an archive of our webinar offerings, linking directly to the videos, or in the case of upcoming webinars, the registration pages. Please check back often, as we are continuously updating with new, pertinent industry webinars.



Archived Webinars


December 11, 2014



Sponsored Webinar: Innovations in Soft Bait Rodenticide
An encore presentation of Liphatech’s Eraticate road show presented by Liphatech’s John Murphy and Ted Bruesch. The webinar reviews how Liphatech’s newest products deliver great results and provide a boost to a PMP’s IPM program..

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December 4, 2014



Sponsored Webinar: Evolution of Bed Bug Control
Featuring industry consultant Paul Bello and AMVAC's Jeff Alvis and Charles Silcox, Ph.D., the webinar covered how control tools have evolved and provided insights into a new tool for managing bed bugs, and other pests, NUVAN Directed Spray.

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November 19, 2014



Application Economics & Equipment Maintenance Virtual Conference
Proper equipment maintenance and the efficient application of pesticides are critical to the long term economic health of every pest management firm. Yet it's an often overlooked aspect of technician training. In this informative Virtual Conference, Dr. William Robinson, Technical Director, B&G Equipment Company, shared valuable insights about the care and maintenance of the most common pieces of application equipment, and also provided specific examples of how pest management professionals can prevent over-application of insecticides, dropping those dollars directly to your company's bottom line. And that's not all! Additionally, everyone who purchases the CD version of the PCT's Application Economics & Equipment Maintenance Virtual Conference will receive a free copy of The Service Technician's Field Manual Training Set, a $29.95 value.

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August 27, 2014



Mergers and Acquisitions Virtual Conference
PCT hosted the third Annual Mergers and & Acquisitions Virtual Conference on Aug. 27. The conference was designed for anyone exploring the possibility of a sale, currently in the market for acquisitions, or laying the groundwork for succession planning. It provided expert advice from some of the industry’s leading authorities on mergers and acquisitions and family business issues.

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May 15, 2014



Million-Dollar Club Virtual Conference
PCT’s Million-Dollar Club Virtual Conference, sponsored by Arrow Exterminators, focused on business development/growth initiatives specifically for pest management companies in the $750,000 to $1.25 million range.

Companies in this range face a variety of issues as they approach and move past the million-dollar mark. The purpose of this webinar was to provide educational content focused specifically on firms approaching this revenue milestone. Additionally, the virtual conference provided insights to these firms so they are able to grow their business and reach the next milestone as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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March 15, 2014



Advanced Rodent Control Virtual Conference
Were you unable to attend PCT magazine’s “Advanced Rodent Control” Virtual Conference, a webinar featuring Dr. Robert Corrigan, a leading expert on rodent biology and behavior? During this informative half-day program, Dr. Corrigan discussed how to identify the harborage sites and main travel ways of rodents in buildings; key factors to consider in commercial and residential settings when trapping rats and mice; and successful strategies for using baits and bait stations.

For those who did not get a chance to attend this live event, you can still see and hear all of the presentations by purchasing the webinar DVD from the PCT store.

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May 15, 2013



Profit Boosters: Add-On Service Growth Opportunities
How can you grow your business during these challenging economic times? One way is by expanding your service offerings. It’s a strategy that has paid big dividends for such well-known firms as McNeely Pest Control, ABC Home & Commercial Services, OPC Pest Control, and Pest Management Systems, just to name a few. These are businesses – managed by talented PMPs with decades of industry experience – who understand the power of offering a diverse range of residential and commercial services.

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Archived Webinars


May 2014



Fly Management in Food Facilities
Nisus' Rob Schwalb provides tips for fly management in food facilities and discusses how Nisus products are important tools in this line of work.

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April 2014



Field Evaluations of Vapor Effects on Bed Bugs
Learn about recent research conducted in the Virginia Tech Urban Entomology Laboratories in a free webinar presented by CIRKIL Rag in a Bag.

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March 2014



Termidor HE Webinar
BASF Pest Control Solutions technical specialist Dr. Bob Davis provides a technical overview on Termidor H•E High-Efficiency-Termiticide. This is one of three regional webinars and for more information about your region, contact your BASF sales rep or call 800-777-8570.

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March 2014



Effective Pest Management in an Era of Label Restrictions
Rockwell Labs’ Dr. Cisse Spragins and Mike Tweedy discuss how the company's products are a good fit for PCOs in this current era of label restrictions.

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January 2014



Baiting Is Best
Dow AgroSciences presented a webinar for pest management professionals, property managers, facility managers and others involved in termite control. During the one-hour “Baiting Is Best” webinar, two industry veterans — Len Land, CEO of Coppermines Pest Control, and Mark Nadolski, COO of Russell’s Pest Control, Knoxville, Tenn. — shared how termite baits add value for their customers, employees and businesses.

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February 2013



Alpine Family of Insecticides
BASF has established its leadership in nonrepellent technology with Termidor and Phantom products. A new, non-repellent family of products is emerging that features the active ingredient, dinotefuran. The Alpine family of products will soon feature a water soluble granule product for indoor or outdoor spray treatments. In this hour-long webinar Jeff Tucker discussed products, technology, features, and benefits of the Alpine family.

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May 2013

  Using Avitrol in the 21st Century

Avitrol is an economical and highly effective product that has been available to Pest Control Operators for over 40 years. Learn how to effectively use Avitrol products in today’s world. Topics to be covered include: What is Avitrol? How does Avitrol work? How will Avitrol affect my bottom line? Will pest birds return? How to bait in difficult areas. What information should I give to my client on what to expect when using Avitrol?

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August 2012



PCT Mergers & Acquisitions Virtual Conference  
The PCT Media Group archived the proceedings from its Mergers & Acquisitions virtual conference and you can now "attend" the eight hour conference at your convenience by buying the webinar DVD. With this DVD, you will learn from industry experts what you need to know if you are considering buying or selling a business including the current state of the M&A market, determining the value of your company, financing, integration of a new business into an existing company, tax implications of a purchase or sale, and much, much more. Click here to order.



TAPping Into A New Revenue Stream 
Learn what pest control insulation is, why it is a growing service offering and how it can fit into your business model. Also learn about insulation removal and why it is such a good fit with wildlife as well as rodent service offerings. Rick Harris, a 25-year veteran in the industry who sold TAP for over 10 years for a major PMP will share his experience with this opportunity and give a clear overview of a successful business model that can work for your organization.



Techniques to Reduce Rodent Control Callbacks  
Call-backs are expensive! This webinar, presented by Liphatech’s Ted Bruesch, reviews tactics for eliminating rodent infestations as quickly as possible and preventing their recurrence. The session included techniques for house mice, Norway rats and roof rats.



Closing Crawlspaces - Generate New Revenue & New Customers 
Closing crawlspaces can create large ticket jobs for your company, create ongoing renewal revenue and give you a steady source of new customers. This hour long webinar will help you determine if this opportunity is right for your company. Hosted by Billy Tesh President of Pest Management Systems in Greensboro, N.C., and principal in Tesh is one of the pioneers of closing crawlspaces and will provide a clear overview of this business model from a management and technician’s standpoint.



New Bedlam Plus 
This webinar is intended to introduce Bedlam Plus to PMPs and educate you about its product advantages and proper use. New Bedlam Plus is the latest bed bug control product from MGK with dual action technology to kill even the toughest pyrethroid resistant bed bugs and their eggs.



Understanding Rodenticide Formulations: The Key to Optimal Control
Rodenticide formulations have certainly changed over the decades.  At one point, pellets and tracking powder were very popular; now it is mini blocks and soft bait. Ted Bruesch, technical manager at Liphatech, will explain why different types of product have evolved over time.  He also will explain the optimal situations for using different types of modern-day formulations.



Eliminating Outdated Field Service Processes with Mobile Technology
Brother Mobile Solutions, Motorola, and ScanTrak can help all Pest Control companies create an efficient, ROI Solution for managing their field service teams.  This solution consists of the software, handhelds, and mobile printers all designed to meet the tough requirements in the Pest Control Market.


Spider Webinar
Pest management professionals may be spending time reading the headlines about bed bugs, ants and cockroaches, but another pest group is a perennial complaint generator: spiders. Join PCT for an informative webinar on spider biology and integrated management. Learn how to approach spider infestations using IPM techniques from renowned industry consultant Austin Frishman and Joe Barile, technical service lead, Bayer Environmental Science. Basic biology, behavior and management tips will be presented during this webinar.

September 2010  

Full Mobile Solution for the Pest Control Market
Brother Mobile Solutions, Motorola, and Pest Pac Software hosted a webinar titled “Full Mobile Solution for the Pest Control Market.” The one-hour webinar explains how Brother Mobile Solutions, Motorola, and Pest Pac Software can help pest control companies create an efficient, ROI solution for the field. This solution consists of the software, handhelds, and mobile printers designed for the pest control market.

January 2010  

Webinar: A Whole Structure Approach to Bed Bug Treatments Sponsored by Dow AgroSciences
Acclaimed bed bug researcher Dr. Dini Miller, associate professor at Virginia Tech University, presented a webinar titled “A Whole-House Approach to Bed Bug Treatments.” The webinar, sponsored by Dow AgroSciences, reviews how fumigation is a comprehensive and efficacious bed bug treatment strategy. The webinar also focuses on the need for PCOs to communicate effectively with residents, which Miller describes as one of the major bed bug treatment challenges she’s observed.