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Here’s a look at some of the industry’s mold control and mold treatment products.

Basement Systems

If it’s in your crawlspace, it’s in your house. Dirt crawlspaces are never-ending sources of moisture and humidity. Moisture generated in a crawlspace can be costly, leading to structural damage and home energy loss. Properly sealing the crawlspace and removing the moisture can provide mold-free, radon-free and insect-deterrent living spaces. A new add-on opportunity is now available to pest control operators — the CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System by Basement Systems. CleanSpace Vent Covers & Doors seal out unconditioned outside air from the interior building cavity. PCOs can drain standing water away with SmartDrain, a crawlspace sump pump system. Relative humidity in the environment is lowered to below 50 percent, where mold will not grow, with the SaniDry Crawl Space Air System. The CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System, and its related moisture control products, creates a healthier, more energy-efficient home, and a high profit add-on business for PCOs, the company reports.

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Caltex International www.caltexinternational.com

Caltex International produces eco-friendly products used in the mold remediation and odor elimination industries. The products manufactured at Caltex are non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe and USDA approved, the company reports. In addition, Caltex provides a turnkey mold remediation business.

Before starting a mold remediation job, PCOs must have training, good equipment and products to do the following:

• How to conduct a risk assessment and set up a mold remediation job.

• How to test for mold and bacteria. Most types of mold are invisible to the eye and it is difficult to determine the extent or the existence of a mold contamination. Testing should be done by a reputable lab with 1000x magnification equipment, the company recommends. The early colonizer molds such as Aspergillus and Penicillium cannot be seen with lesser magnifications.

• The establishment of a clear (and written) goal for the project. The customer and PCOs should know what criteria will be used to determine if the mold has been successfully removed. This can be verified by performing a post-remediation clearance testing to make sure the structure has a normal fungal ecology. Then only should one consider applying mold inhibitors or encapsulates, Caltex reports.

• PCOs should know how to employ various engineering controls, isolate areas, use effective chemicals to remove the mold, and package and remove any debris.

• A follow-up inspection within a few months to make certain normal fungal ecology is well maintained.

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FortiCel • www.4pcg.com

FortiCel is a proprietary combination of technologies that prohibit mold growth on all interior construction products and surfaces. When applied to the surface of lumber, concrete, sheetrock and steel, FortiCel, will provide skeletal protection. FortiCel is now being used in the PCO market as an add-on service. Using conventional spray equipment, applications can be offered without significant setup costs. FortiCel, effective as a water-based,
0 VOC product, is applied without any additional regulatory or insurance requirements, has a 99.9 percent performance rate and offers guaranteed protection against mold growth for 25 years, the company reports.

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Medallion Healthy Homes www.medallionhealthyhomes.com

Medallion Healthy Homes gives pest management professionals the solution to eliminate odors, allergens and bacteria while people and their pets are out of the building with UV high-output, clean ozone generators. Adding industrial clean ozone generators to your arsenal against the pests that plague and what lingers behind provides additional revenue for odor removal and decontamination services. In addition, ozone generators provide a clean scent for the customer. PCOs can eliminate odors from insecticides or carcasses safely and effectively. High concentrations of clean ozone become oxygen after short periods of time, making the indoor space livable again. SCO Technologies’ generators are manufactured in the United States.

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MOLD-RAM • www.mold-ram.com

MOLD-RAM is the new surface mold and mildew prevention product from Sostram Corporation. Ideal for use by licensed pest management professionals and certified mold remediators, this EPA-registered product provides long-term protection at very low rates. It is sold in 1 quart Tip ’N Measure containers. MOLD-RAM is labeled for wood, wallboard, concrete and masonry construction materials and can be applied during construction or to appropriate areas of existing structures using a sprayer or paintbrush. MOLD-RAM contains chlorothalonil, a fungicide, and offers tank-mix flexibility when mixed with borate products used for termite control and fungal decay, Sostram reports. Sostram Corporation is a major producer and supplier of industrial biocide products worldwide to protect treated materials from decay, mold and mildew.

Nisus Corporation • www.nisuscorp.com

Bora-Care with Mold-Care is used in a whole house treatment during new construction or in specific areas during renovation to kill and prevent mold. Mold-Care is a powerful disinfectant and mold-icide added to Bora-Care termiticide that creates a one-two punch against decay fungi and mold. This product only can be applied by certified pest management professionals. Mold-Clean is a pleasantly scented wood cleaner and surface conditioner that penetrates wood to remove stains left behind even when mold and mildew have been eliminated. It can be used on lumber, new construction or remedial accounts. Nisus DSV is a concentrated disinfectant, sanitizer, virucide, cleaner, mildewstat and fungicide. It kills a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungi, including influenza A, avian influenza, hepatitis B and C and Hantavirus. It is ideal for disinfection in storm and flood damaged areas so reconstruction can begin, Nisus Corp. reports.

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Therma-Stor www.thermastor.com

How do you adequately tackle moisture in the crawlspace — a contributing factor to pest survival, mold and bacteria growth? The best way to control moisture and humidity in your customers’ crawlspaces is dehumidification with dehumidifiers from Therma-Stor, according to the company. However, prior to that, the space must be completely sealed and treated. This involves, but is not limited to, closing all vents tightly and applying a vapor barrier to the earth’s surface. Venting to control moisture in a crawlspace only works when it is dry outside or when enough hot, dry air enters to warm the crawlspace.

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