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October 7, 2003



Whitmire Micro-Gen recently introduced PT brand ULD HydroPy-300 pyrethrum concentrate for controlling mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be a real problem for pest management professionals and most oil-based pyrethrin concentrates can harm landscaping plants and foliage, Whitmire Micro-Gen says. The unique water-based PT ULD HydroPy-300 pyrethrum concentrate is easily diluted, less harmful to plants and foliage and ideal for use in and around a variety of facilities including apartments, bakeries, campgrounds, food-processing areas and hospitals, according to the manufacturer. PT ULD HydroPy-300 is a water-based pyrethrin concentrate that weighs 22 percent more per gallon than standard oil-based products and contains 22 percent more active pyrethrum and synergist per gallon.

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New InTice Granular Bait from Rockwell Labs Ltd. is a weather-resistant bait for control of ants, roaches, crickets and silverfish. The only broad-spectrum bait with "triple attractants," InTice Granular Bait contains sweet, oil and protein combined with 5 percent boric acid, and is practically odorless. The coarse form of the product comes in 5-pound bags or 40-pound cartons with a free reusable shaker bottle. The fine granule is ideal for dusting attics, wall voids, and under cupboards and sinks, etc., and for smaller ant species. Fine InTice Granular Bait is packaged in 1-pound shaker bottles and 5-pound bags.

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Marathon Data Systems Inc. recently announced the official release of Version 1.22 of its PestPac.net Software. Version 1.22 includes a new visual route management tool that lets managers view and arrange appointments, color-coded by day or route, on a detailed map. The version also includes a sales opportunity module that goes beyond traditional contact managers to provide a systematic and objective approach to sales management. New online customer access features present station activity on a color-coded structure diagram so staff and customers can track the status of a job site. Detailed station history can be viewed by highlighting any station on the diagram. PestPac.net now has full support for the California WDO and chemical reporting requirements.

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The Advantage Flying Insect Trap can be used as a fly bait station for use with fly baits such as Stimukil or Maxforce Fly Bait. The disposable liner is easily loaded with bait and set into the body of the trap. Advantage’s Dual Entry holes (top and bottom) create a unique chimney effect which will disperse attractants into the air 30 feet or better while keeping the active ingredient of the bait safely inside the trap/station. Each trap comes with separate instructions on how to use the trap as a fly bait station.

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The Doselec from Dosmatic U.S.A./International is the answer to the demand for an electric injector that offers quality and dependability, according to the company. The Doselec offers a wide range of chemical uses, easy installation, indoor/outdoor use, low maintenance, easy service and simple operation, Dosmatic says. The Doselec also provides the flexibility of accurately injecting two different solutions separately at two different rates.

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UPMA Labs introduces a variety of innovative IPMM (inspection, prevention, monitoring and management) tools designed for professionals involved with teaching, training, marketing and practicing IPM in schools and other sensitive settings. Sophisticated photo microscopy is now within reach of any pest management professional. The tool kits include systems for IPMM digital photo microscopy, identification/training, and ant and silverfish management. The Deluxe IPMM photo microscopy tool kit gives IPM professionals the ability to capture insect pest images through a microscope and use them for teaching, training and marketing purposes.

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