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December 11, 2003



Whitmire Micro-Gen has announced its entry into the termite baiting category with the Advance Termite Bait System. This termite colony elimination system provides pest management professionals with an exclusive combination of termite killing power, technician serviceability and enhanced profitability for their business, the company says.

The Advance Termite Bait Station provides maximum wood-to-soil contact due to its termite monitoring base, designed with easy-access wood slots to invite termites into the station. The slots allow the soil to penetrate the interior and create the ultimate termite friendly environment. Termites then explore upward into the termite inspection cartridge, where they feed until the cartridge is replaced with the termite bait cartridge. The 93-gram termite bait cartridge provides nearly three times the bait load of the leading bait system in a unique compressed cellulose matrix called Puri-Cell – preferred in studies to pine wood and other cellulose matrices, the company says. This compressed Puri-Cell matrix contains 0.25% diflubenzuron, a chitin synthesis inhibitor. The system includes the Quik-Lock station cap to simplify opening and closing the station. The system uses a unique tool called The Spider, which provides easy opening of the station cap.

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Bayer Environmental Science recently announced two additions to the company’s Tempo product line, Tempo Ultra Water Soluble Packets (WSP) and Tempo 1% Dust insecticides. Tempo Ultra WSP and Tempo 1% Dust offer an advanced-generation pyrethriod insecticide providing quick knockdown, broad indoor and outdoor label uses, and long residual elimination of ants and other key pests, the company says. Tempo Ultra WSP, which will replace Tempo 20 WP, offers the power of a wettable powder in a pre-measured 50-gram packet that can treat up to 5,000 square feet. Through technological advances, Tempo Ultra WSP contains the most pure form of Cyfluthrin on the market, Beta-Cyfluthrin. Tempo Ultra WSP provides control of indoor and outdoor pests, including all major ant species, by delivering quick knockdown that lasts up to four weeks, Bayer Environmental Science reports.

Tempo 1% Dust is a 1% ready-to-use pyrethoid dust, which exhibits the same quick knockdown to a broad spectrum of pests as all Tempo products. Tempo 1% Dust provides extra long residual that can last months as an effective void treatment stopping pests where they live. Tempo 1% Dust provides excellent control of ants, cockroaches, and over 50 other key pests. Its broad label allows it to be used in both indoor and outdoor situations.

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FMC, makers of Talstar brand products, recently introduced the company’s new product, Talstar-One multi-insecticide. The multi-insecticide flowable is labeled for termite treatment, indoor and outdoor pest control, turf and ornamental applications, and for treatment in food-handling areas. The primary product features of FMC’s new TalstarOne multi-insecticide are its all-in-one capability for termite and general household pest control and its expanded labeling for food handling in environments such as kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, bakeries, food manufacturing and processing plants, breweries and grain mills, the company says. This all-in-one capability means reduced inventory, less time to train technicians — all with the same features and benefits of its active ingredient bifenthrin, FMC added.

TalstarOne multi-insecticide is water based. It is non-irritating, non-staining and contains no odorous or plant-damaging solvents. TalstarOne multi-insecticide is available in pint, quart,
3/4-gallon, 1-gallon Tip-n-Measure, plus 20- and 50-gallon U-Turn drums and can be purchased from the same authorized dealers offering Talstar brand products.

TalstarOne multi-insecticide will replace Talstar termiticide/insecticide and Talstar F insecticide/miticide. All existing inventory of the pest management products being replaced by TalstarOne multi-insecticide is still actively registered. TalstarOne multi-insecticide is not registered in New York or California; check with state authorities for the status of its registration.

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Bird Barrier America recently introduced its new Bird-Shock Flex-Track (patent pending). The new product is the third generation of the company’s Bird-Shock, but adds many exciting benefits, including ease of installation, visibility and effectiveness.

The flexible track comes in a continuous 50-foot roll, which can be applied to surfaces quickly. As labor is usually the biggest cost factor of an installation, this will be good news to installers and their customers, the company says. The track is glued down using the company’s bond. Special connectors allow for easy track-to-track connections as well as discreet corners and "T" connections.

The product is just a quarter of an inch high, and is available in four different colors. Bird-Shock Flex-Track literally disappears on most applications, the company reports.

Two strips of stainless steel braided mesh, each one-quarter of an inch wide, are sewn to the flexible PVC track using long-lasting space-age thread. The two strips are ideal electrical conductors, and offer a large surface area to deliver the shock to the birds’ feet; and the flexible mesh will conform nicely to any curve. It will not wrinkle or become separated from the base during extreme temperatures or contact by window washers. The shock is delivered from one of two chargers; a solar-powered or a 110-volt system.

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Brand FX Body Company has expanded its product line-up with an aerodynamically contoured service body for light-duty truck chassis. Designed to fit single- and dual-rear wheel vehicles with a 56-inch cab-to-real axle dimension (CA), and available in 40-inch and 42-inch heights, the new body features larger compartment openings and concealed door gaskets. The larger openings furnish easier access to tools and equipment; the concealed gaskets improve sealing performance and provide not only an enhanced appearance but longer life from reduced exposure to ultraviolet light and the elements.

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Liphatech Inc.’s Generation rodenticide, which combines the newest active ingredient difethialone with food-grade grains for maximum palatability, will be available as a 1-pound bar beginning this month. The new formulation, combined with market-driven packaging, gives pest management professionals a versatile and convenient solution for controlling large rodent populations, the company says. Effective on house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats, the complete line up of Generation formulations now includes the 1-pound bar, 20-gram (¾-ounce) mini-blocks, bulk pellets and pellet place packets. The 1-pound bar features four horizontal ports per bar for maximum securing options. The new 1-pound bars are stored in sturdy lightweight, easy-to-carry corrugated service containers. Each container, designed to take up minimal space in virtually any service truck, features a strong yet flexible strap handle and holds 10 1-pound bars. The bars are contained in slide-lock plastic bags that can be re-sealed to keep unused bait fresh. Each bar also features new deeper grooves to provide easy, clean product separation into smaller bait pieces for use in Aegis and other bait stations.

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Rockwell Labs Ltd recently introduced the new BaitPlate Station. The BaitPlate is a versatile station that can be used for placing gel, liquid or granular baits for ants, roaches and other crawling insects. The low-profile station is just 0.4 inches (1 cm) high for ease of placement. The BaitPlate features a tab that can be opened for easy filling and closed again for baiting ants and German roaches. For larger insects, the tab can be removed altogether. The station comes with service labels and has a mounting hole for securing. Removable adhesive "dots" are provided for securing as well. The BaitPlate is packed 48 per case. The company also released its new color catalog and label/MSDS guide at the NPMA convention in October.

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UPMA Labs LLC announces the introduction of three advanced tool kits for pest management professionals working in schools, hospitals, food-processing plants and other sensitive settings. The first two kits, one designed for general pests/termites and the other for rats/mice, include tools for inspection/detection, pest collection and identification. The third kit, the advanced reference library, is a comprehensive collection of the most popular CDs, manuals and handbooks in the pest management field, including the 9th edition of the Mallis Handbook, Truman’s Scientific Guide and more.

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The Automist system from United Spray Systems Inc. automatically controls mosquitoes within residual properties. The Automist system is an ideal fit for pest management professionals who are looking for an add-on service to offer customers, the company says. Each system is custom tailored and installed according to the layout of each property.

The system emits a mist from nozzles that are strategically placed for effectiveness and aesthetics. An automatic timer is programmed to fit the lifestyle of the property owner — off when using the back yard, on when not. The systems are available in 55-, 30- and 14-gallon reservoir sizes. Automist systems eliminate the constant irritation of biting insects, the company says.

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