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October 7, 2003


NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Chris O’Donovan of Cooper Pest Control was the official winner of the 2003 New Jersey Pest Management Association Clambake Cricket-Spitting Contest held at the Rutgers Cook College campus in New Brunswick on Aug. 21.

O’Donovan overcame the challenge of spitting his cricket into the oncoming wind and beat out the other 40 contestants with a whopping spitting distance of 28 feet, five and three-quarter inches.

In the beginning of the contest O’Dono-van had taken the lead at 26 feet but was overtaken by another contestant with a measurement of 27 feet. But, in the end it was O’Donovan who brought the title home. With more practice, the world record for cricket spitting of 37 feet is within reach.

"I cannot believe how far Chris can spit," said Phil Cooper, president, Cooper Pest Control, Lawerenceville, N.J.

The cricket-spitting contest was a part of NJPMA’s 56th clinic and tradeshow and it represents a departure from NJPMA’s annual "Cockroach Derby." In addition to the contest, several hundred members of the pest management profession gathered to attend a series of seminars led by prominent pest management professionals and leading industry educators.


According to a report from the Kansas City Star, a shoplifter caused a buzz in a department store restroom and made off with about $60 worth of CDs, perfume, batteries and scissors.

The man released a swarm of honeybees in a Kmart restroom, creating a diversion that allowed him to escape, authorities said.

Store security spotted the man shoplifting Monday and followed him to the restroom to confront him. When the worker opened the door, about 100 bees buzzed out.

"He probably started yelling ‘Bees! Bees!’ or whatever the case may be, then created that big diversion, then got out," said Police Commander John DeGonia.

Store employees pulled cans of bug spray off store shelves to kill the bees. No one was stung.


LYNCHBURG, VA. — Dodson Pest Control has received an award of excellence for its Regional Spring 2002 Radio Advertising Campaign. The company was presented a "Silver Addy" award by the Advertising Federation of the Roanoke Valley in Virginia.

Dodson Pest Control aired the commercials on 60 radio stations throughout Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee. The company has its corporate offices in Lynchburg, Va., with more than 30 offices throughout those states.

The spots were written and voiced by Dodson’s Corporate Marketing Manager Al Augustine, with credits also going to David Glass for air-talent and Jonathan Talbott for production and editing.