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October 7, 2003

You’re holding in your hands (or looking at via your computer) the biggest issue of PCT that anyone around our office can remember. As you can see, the October issue, which will be distributed at the NPMA convention this month in Dallas, Texas, is almost 200 pages. Combined with the Leadership issue that was polybagged with this issue, and our Convention Extra magazine, which will be distributed to attendees of the NPMA convention, the PCT Media Group has put together almost 300 pages for you to read and review in October.

Our staff decided to publish this month’s cover story, "40 Under 40," more than a year ago. This 10-page feature recognizes the next generation of industry leaders who are 40 years old or younger. These are people who are either already at the top or on their way to the top of their company or organization. Some are second- and third-generation operators while others are the first in their family to join this industry. But no matter how they came to be a part of the structural pest control industry, they’ve done many things right along the way to be included on this list.

So how did we determine who would be included in our "40 Under 40" cover story? More than six months ago ads ran in PCT asking for nominations. The nomination form also was posted on our Web site for several months and we received more nominations than we ever imagined. And we received nominations from all walks of life in the industry, i.e., pest management professionals, association representatives, university researchers, manufacturers’ representatives, etc. So when the task came to choosing only 40 folks, we spent months whittling the nominations down. (We received many nominations for manufacturers’ representatives for this list, however, our staff decided to just include pest management professionals and association and university representatives.)

I’m sure you’ll agree with some of our choices. But I’m just as sure that you won’t have heard of some of our honorees. That’s OK. The point of this list — besides to get the industry talking — was to identify and recognize the younger generation of leaders in the industry who are making things happen. They’re movers and shakers. And in five, 10 or even 20 years, we hope you can open your worn-out October 2003 copy of PCT and see names you not only recognize, but respect as leaders of the industry.


Also this month, PCT introduces a new reader service function on our Web site. The best way to learn to use this service is to go online and experiment with it yourself, but quickly, here’s what we’ve done: by clicking on the "PCT Online Reader Service" logo located in the far left-hand column of our home page (www.pctonline.com), readers can search for products that appear in the magazine or in PCT’s Product E-newsletter, which is distributed bimonthly. Just place a checkmark in the box of the products you’re interested in learning more about and your request will be submitted directly to manufacturers. (See page 12 for additional details.)

The author is editor of PCT magazine.