5 Questions with Billy Tesh, Sponsored by Crawlspace Depot

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October 10, 2018

BILLY TESH, President, Crawlspace Depot, LLC
1. What new innovations are you seeing in the closed crawlspace industry?

There have been a few great developments. First is the high-tech development of a Wi-Fi connected Mega-Dry Dehumidifier. Second is the introduction of some really great LED lighting that can be used in crawlspaces, and third is a real time-saver for installing Bora-Foam insulation, and that is the butyl tape.

2. So, tell us how a customer benefits from the Wi-Fi feature on the Mega-Dry Dehumidifier?

Using our thermo-hygrometers, customers have been able to monitor the humidity in their crawlspace. Without Wi-Fi capabilities, the homeowner needed to enter the crawlspace to make an adjustment to the setpoint. With the Wi-Fi enabled Mega-Dry, they can simply download an app and make all the necessary adjustments right there on their smart phone. And checking the conditions in the crawlspace doesn’t even require them to be at home. You can check the crawl and adjust the unit from anywhere!

3. Can you tell us how the LED lighting is impacting the industry?

Taking a crawlspace from a dark and dank area to a clean controlled environment is a key selling feature to homeowners. These five LED lights are on a 50’ cord, so the lights are spread 10’ apart. The extra-wide 120° light spread creates an amazingly bright (5000 lumens) crawlspace that customers love. Most companies install the lights at the beginning of the job to give their technicians a brighter and safer working environment. In fact, we see most installers adding these to every job. It makes the work easier and dramatically improves the finished product.

4. You mentioned time savings with butyl tape, can you explain that for us?
Double-sided butyl tape.

We have seen a number of installers switch to double-sided butyl tape as the primary way they install the Bora-Foam insulation boards. The butyl tape is attached directly to the concrete wall and the Bora-Foam is pressed into place and then sealed. It is fast and efficient and allows the Bora-Foam to be applied by one person. The butyl tape is incredibly strong and has stood the test of time. It’s not recommended for rough walls or any surface that is degraded (if you rub the wall and your hand comes away with the dust of the wall material it is degraded), but it is great for clean smooth block or concrete walls.

5. Have you noticed any other product trends?

The line of Todol Foams has been seeing rapid growth. Their line of pressurized foams includes adhesive foams, sealing foams, IPF foams, a foam gun and cleaner. They even have a convenient starter kit that comes with its own case. It gives PMPs all the tools they need to do the job, and I think that is why it has become so popular.


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LED lights enhance the look and feel of closed crawlspaces.
Mounting Bora-Foam with butyl tape.

Todol Foam Starter Kit


Pur Fill Gun Cleaner

With Wi-Fi enabled Mega-Dry, PMPs can download an app and make all the necessary humidity adjustments to a crawlspace on their smart phone.