5 Questions with Brittany Campbell

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Dr. Brittany Campbell, Technical Services Manager at Control Solutions, Inc., explains cockroach management techniques and tools PMPs can use to help better manage these pests.

July 5, 2022

Dr. Brittany Campbell, Technical Services Manager at Control Solutions, Inc.
1. How can a vacuum improve cockroach control?

Vacuums can be game changers in cockroach control. Regardless of the size of an infestation, if you can see a cockroach, then you can vacuum it up and eliminate that cockroach from the environment immediately. In addition, vacuums help with resistance management by reducing the use of product needed to get control. Just be sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to ensure that the cockroach shed skins, excrement, and other allergen causing particles are safely removed.

2. Why does Doxem® Precise need to be used with the Precision Delivery System?

The Precision Delivery System, or PDS, was specifically designed to be used as the applicator for Doxem® Precise to ensure that appropriate doses are applied into cracks, crevices, and voids. The PDS also ensures the product is applied deep into harborage areas where pests reside, reaching depths of up to 24 inches. With the PDS, PMPs can be confident they are putting the correct amount of product directly into places where cockroaches are living and breeding, without wasting or overapplying product.

3. How can a Doxem® Precise dry flowable bait fit into a cockroach control program?

There are several benefits in adding this product to a cockroach control program. For instance, Doxem® Precise can be used in both residential and commercial accounts, including indoors and outdoors. In areas where you need product to extend deep into cracks and crevices, the PDS can apply Doxem® Precise into areas where gel bait cannot reach. PMPs also do not have to worry about this bait drying out over time, since this durable bait product that can last months after application.

4. Does CSI have a non-repellent product that can be used in conjunction with Doxem® Precise for cockroach control?

CSI’s new, multi-AI aerosol, Doxem® NXT is an excellent aerosol option for cockroaches. The product is non-repellent, so it can be used along with Doxem® Precise bait without rendering the bait ineffective.

This trusted multiple mode of action Combination Chemistry™ aerosol from CSI is formulated with two adulticides and two IGRs to target both adult and immature cockroaches. Since Doxem® NXT is also labeled for use in food areas of food handling establishments, it is an excellent addition to cockroach control programs alongside Doxem Precise dry flowable bait.

5. Can I get successful cockroach control in accounts with extreme sanitation issues?

Yes, but your treatment strategy will require patience and diligence. Set expectations with your customer, explaining that if a cockroach infestation has been ongoing for months, then it may take several visits and extended time to resolve the problem.