5 Questions with Eric Paysen

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Controlling hard-to-reach insects can give pest management professionals (PMPs) an edge in providing a life uninterrupted by pests. Dr. Eric Paysen, technical services manager for Syngenta, explains how PMPs can use Advion® MicroFlow insect bait to make a big impact with a small application.

June 15, 2022

Dr. Eric Paysen, Technical Services Manager, Syngenta
1. As the latest Syngenta product, what makes Advion MicroFlow a unique solution for pest control?

Advion MicroFlow, with the active ingredient indoxacarb, is a dry flowable bait that offers excellent control of a broad range of pests, including ants, cockroaches, crickets and pantry pests. It’s milled to a fine particle size, which enables it to penetrate deep within cracks, crevices and voids to reach areas that are inaccessible to gel baits or liquids.

2. How does Advion MicroFlow give PMPs flexibility for varying pest control needs?

The labeled rates are defined as an amount per unit area, not a specified number of bait placements, which gives PMPs the freedom to apply the bait as needed on their accounts. As it can be used for baiting on a large scale, Advion MicroFlow is also a strong complementary product for targeted gel bait applications.

3. Where and how can PMPs apply Advion MicroFlow?

Advion MicroFlow can be used anywhere dust products are normally used within residential multi-family homes and commercial spaces, as well as sensitive food-handling establishments. As a slow-acting bait, it can help control entire pest populations through the most powerful and highly effective secondary transfer effect we’ve tested. In addition to this transfer effect, the formulation also contains particles that readily adhere to pests’ exoskeletons in treatment zones. This enables them to carry it back to their harborage where nestmates consume the particles during grooming.

The simple, convenient product packaging is designed to benefit PMPs no matter how they go with the flow. Its 8-oz. jar can thread directly onto an Exacticide power duster. The included scoop is also sized to the opening of popular bulb and bellows dusters, which helps prevent spills when loading. These features can help PMPs use this dry flowable bait in larger volumes with more flexibility.

4. How does the attractive Advion MicroFlow formulation help make a big impact?

Consisting of a balance of lipids, proteins and sugars, the highly attractive bait matrix provides better bait consumption and improved pest mortality at low use rates. Don’t worry about ants’ seasonal food preferences, as Advion MicroFlow can cover all food types within one formulation.

5. How can PMPs incorporate Advion MicroFlow into their integrated pest management (IPM) programs?

Any IPM program can benefit from incorporating Advion MicroFlow, which can be used in locations historically treated with insecticide dusts. It can help PMPs control difficult pest infestations deep within harborages that may not be visible, including motor housings, hollow spaces within equipment, false bottoms of cabinetry and wall voids adjacent to plumbing penetrations. Advion MicroFlow provides the benefit of a palatable, balanced food source and a powerful secondary transfer effect, controlling pests well beyond the treatment zone.

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