5 Questions with Gokhan Vergon

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How do pest management professionals move from “good enough” to “best in class?” What can they do to create the safest and healthiest environments possible? Gokhan Vergon, head of Pest Management and Public Health, explains how thinking in terms of total solutions — not just products — can help pest management professionals solve problems, seize opportunities and grow a satisfied customer base.

June 15, 2022

Gokhan Vergon, Head of Pest Management and Public Health, Bayer U.S.
1. What is the biggest obstacle for pest management professionals to overcome today?

In my opinion, the biggest challenge for pest management professionals right now is staying on the forefront of this constantly evolving industry. There are new chemistry, research and digital solutions hitting the market every day. To stay ahead of the curve, pest management professionals need to work with thought leaders, associations and manufacturers to learn about new treatments, best practices and innovations.

2. How can pest management professionals leverage these new innovations to achieve optimal results and solve their toughest problems?

There is no question that science-based, trusted products are essential to solve the toughest pest problems. These products are at their best and can be solutions for any challenge when they are paired with the right expertise. That’s why our company is focused on personalization in pest management. Our promise to pest management professionals is to combine our human expertise with product innovation, enabling them to solve problems, seize opportunities and satisfy their customers with confidence and certainty.

3. How will this promise help pest management professionals grow their businesses?

Products or people alone can’t transform lives, but products and people together can open a world of possibilities. This combination can help pest management professionals achieve optimal results and greater customer satisfaction. When customer satisfaction is at its highest, it means more referrals, fewer callbacks and maximum revenue.

4. As the company changes, what do you want PMPs to know?

Pest management is a people business, and while our company name is changing, our people — who possess world-class expertise — will not change. Our products — which work as hard as pest management professionals do — will not change. We are here to help solve our customers’ toughest problems. And while we have the legacy and pedigree of a global leader, we’re moving forward with the creative spirit and agility of a startup, enabling us to be fast and flexible in order to meet any customer need.

5. Where can pest management professionals go to learn more?

Pest management professionals can visit es.Bayer.us/PowerofPlus to learn more about this new way of thinking and get access to the industry’s deepest bench of world-class pest management experts combined with an unrivaled product portfolio.