5 Questions with Lisa Gonzalez

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May 17, 2020

Lisa Gonzalez, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Lytx

For many pest management companies, terms like “machine vision” and “artificial intelligence” conjure up visions of a future where computers are taking over humans. Lisa Gonzalez is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Lytx. She explains how these groundbreaking technologies use video to help pest management companies operate more efficiently, keep their pest professionals safe and provide better customer service.


1. What is MV+AI?

It’s the guardian for your vehicle and your technician. Machine Vision (MV) lets you see and recognize objects and human behavior using images. It’s like eyes that record events as they happen. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like the brain. It takes all that information and presents it to you as actionable insights that you can use to improve your business — whether it’s related to safety, service or your bottom line.

2. How does MV+AI apply to distracted driving and protect your fleet?

Distracted driving is a critical issue for pest businesses because of the need for pest professionals to communicate throughout the day to get their work done. That’s why so many companies have policies around the use of handheld devices while driving. But it’s hard to know whether your technicians are sticking to your policies because you can’t be everywhere at once. That’s where MV+AI can help.

3. How is AI trained to analyze risk level?

At Lytx, our AI is informed by more than 120 billion miles of driving data. This gigantic data set has trained Lytx’s algorithms to understand and interpret just about every scenario, including different times of day, road conditions and road types that a technician could encounter. With this data set, Lytx has been able to create powerful algorithms that recognize driving risk and provide you supporting video clips that allow you to see the true risks in your fleet.

4. How does MV+AI work to improve safety and reduce claims?

Our MV+AI technology has been created specifically for driving applications, can scan for road hazards, evaluate the environment and driving conditions, and alert drivers to potential risks. By identifying driving behavior that’s correlated to collisions, MV+AI can help pest professionals take proactive steps to prevent accidents. MV+AI can help fleet managers identify technicians who need coaching to improve their driving behaviors, thereby reducing injury and auto liability claims.

5. What else can MV+AI do for pest management companies?

MV+AI can be trained to reinforce courteous driving habits such as following distance. Your firm’s vehicles are your mobile billboards, and your technicians interact with more potential customers when they are driving than when they are providing service. MV+AI can help make sure they are driving in a way that reflects your brand and protects your reputation.