5 Questions with Nina Jenkins

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Aprehend is a relatively new pesticide designed for the elimination and prevention of bed bug infestations. Nina Jenkins, the CTO and founder of ConidioTec, discusses the Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about using Aprehend in a bed bug protocol.

March 8, 2021

Nina Jenkins, CTO and Founder of ConidioTec
1. How is Aprehend better than my current bed bug protocol?

Aprehend eliminates most bed bug infestations in a single treatment with a 30-day follow-up visit. This shifts valuable labor hours to new revenue opportunities. Aprehend also works in cluttered environments, even hording scenarios. Aprehend is labeled for preventative treatments and the up-to 3-month residual activity allows you to expand your business with quarterly proactive services. No more concerns about chemical resistance as Aprehend has a new and unique mode of action.

2. How do I use Aprehend for proactive services?

We provide detailed protocols for multiple proactive scenarios including multi-family housing, hotels/motels, single-family homes, and “public” spaces like medical offices, social services, etc. The protocols are available for download at https://www.aprehend.com/documents/.

3. What level of customer preparation is needed prior to service?

Only minimal customer preparation is needed. There is no need to empty drawers and closets or place everything in plastic bags or bins. This just disrupts the bugs and potentially moves the harborage areas. Having the client wash and dry their bedding is the minimum expectation for prep work.

4. Is special training required?

No special training or certification is required. However, Aprehend does require the use of our dedicated spray kit. Training videos for the spray kit and a deeper explanation of the preparation protocol are available on our website (aprehend.com/training/), and we offer Zoom and in-person training for your technical team (pandemic restrictions dependent). Our tech support hotline (800-891-8610) is available 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST.

5. Who uses Aprehend?

Pest management firms of all sizes, from single operators to some of the Top 10 companies in the industry have successfully implemented Aprehend into their service protocols. These organizations are located across the United States and Canada, from Miami to Vancouver, and report fantastic results and reduced labor costs by adopting Aprehend. We know that it can work for you too.