5 Questions with Ryan Neff, PH.D.

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Ants are consistently one of the top pests for which PMPs would like better control. Although small, their vast numbers, complex colony structures and behaviors can make controlling them difficult. MGK’s West Coast Technical Field Specialist, Ryan Neff, answers common questions and offers expert tips for deadly but simple ant control with the all-new Sumari® System.

May 6, 2021

Ryan Neff, PH.D., West Coast Technical Field Specialist

1. What is the Sumari® System and how does it work?

The Sumari® System is a comprehensive ant control solution. Designed to work in tandem, Sumari® Insecticide concentrate is applied to areas where ants are actively foraging/trailing and Sumari® Ant Gel Bait is applied over or around areas treated with the concentrate. Ants are attracted to the bait, which leads to more contact with the non-repellent concentrate. This attract- and-kill approach reaches deep into the colony, providing long-lasting control through direct contact and ingestion.

2. Will ants still feed on Sumari® Ant Gel Bait if it comes in contact with Sumari® Insecticide?

Yes, the non-repellent and water-based Sumari® Insecticide concentrate will not contaminate Sumari® Ant Gel Bait. The products were uniquely formulated to work together as a system. For best results, first treat foraging trails with the concentrate then apply bait.

3. What species do you recommend using the Sumari® System on?

It can be used to treat all ant species, including multi-queen species, except for fire ants and carpenter ants. While we recommend the complete system for optimal performance, the products are effective on their own. Sumari® Insecticide can treat all ant species. Sumari® Ant Gel Bait can treat all ant species except for fire ants and carpenter ants, and we recommend that it be used for ants that primarily feed on sugar. Remember to always read and follow the label instructions.

4. What are the unique benefits of the Sumari® System?

It is a complete ant control solution created specifically for PMPs. During development, the MGK team worked directly with PMPs to identify several challenging areas within ant control that were lacking in current product offerings on the market. Boasting flexible labels, long-lasting control, transfer effect and no signal word, only Sumari® brings together the features critical for improved ant control.

5. How can I effectively implement the Sumari® System in my current service protocol?

The Sumari® System is a great solution for preventative treatments or curative treatments, particularly as a remediation strategy for problem accounts or as a call-back strategy. The MGK Tech Services Team is always available to review individual protocols to provide specific recommendations. Additional product information and ant resources are available at MGK.com/SumariSystem.