5 Questions with Tommy Powell

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People are spending more time in the backyard, and many will depend on PMPs to help keep that yard insect-free and protect their home from invading pests. MGK Technical Field Specialist Tommy Powell shares tips and tricks for an effective perimeter treatment — and a happy customer.

October 19, 2021

Tommy Powell, Technical Field Specialist, East Coast, MGK
1. Do you recommend a pre- treatment inspection before performing outdoor and perimeter treatments?

Absolutely. PMPs who get out the sprayer and treat upon arrival can miss the opportunity to see pest activity for themselves, like trailing ants. An inspection helps you determine a treatment plan — whether to use a repellent or non-repellent, or if baiting would be helpful.

2. Are there any often-missed areas when PMPs are performing perimeter treatments?

Most PMPs are looking at the ground and the base of the house. I’ve always recommended looking up — around windows and eaves, where spiders often dwell, and wasps tend to build nests. In fact, identifying and treating these areas can act as a visible cue that the treatment is effective. Your customers can’t see the product working, but they will certainly notice fewer spider webs.

3. Are there factors to consider when performing perimeter treatments other than insecticides?

We always talk about removing conducive conditions like trimming bushes and plants away from the house, but sometimes we miss factors like mulch. This common landscaping surrounding the house and outdoor living spaces is typically piled high. It’s often high enough to affect insecticide penetration in the soil, where ants and moisture pests like to make their homes.

4. What formulations work best for outdoor treatment products?

Microencapsulated formulas will stand up to weather events and can prevent the product from degrading in sunlight. This gives you the confidence that your treatment will stay put — and will last through your regular treatment intervals.

5. Can you recommend any MGK products that are effective for outdoor treatments?

MGK has several microcaps with flexible labels and multiple use sites. Visit MGK.com/Perimeter to learn more.

  • Onslaught® FastCap treats for biting and stinging pests with a powerful fast-kill formula and controlled release technology for continuous kill.
  • Sumari® Insecticide provides fast- acting and long-lasting residual control of ants and other pests, which boosts productivity and reduces callbacks.
  • OneGuard® gives you the combined power of a knockdown agent, long-lasting insecticide, synergist and IGR to manage mosquitoes and a broad spectrum of other insects.