A Different Type of ‘Ratt’ Problem

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June 8, 2020

Ratt in the new GEICO commercial.

GEICO enlisted a legendary 1980s hair metal band for a commercial featuring a family dealing with a “rat problem.”

The ad begins with a wholesome-looking, middle class couple discussing how happy they are with their new home, except for their “rat problem.” It then cuts to video of the Stephen Pearcy-fronted band Ratt playing their classic hit “Round and Round” in the attic, then later in the utility room.

Ratt in concert in 2010.
Ratt: Nick Ares | Wikimedia

The clip ends with the couple encouraging viewers to share it online, with the wife borrowing a line from the song, “What comes around goes around — or so we’ve heard.” The laughing husband responds, “That’s a good one, hun!”

Fun Ratt fact. Ratt found fame in the 1980s on the strength of “Round and Round,” which peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Critical to the band’s success was the video for “Round and Round,” which featured a guest appearance by Milton Berle, who dressed in his Uncle Miltie drag character. How was the relatively unknown Southern California band able to enlist the famous Uncle Miltie? The band’s manager was Marshall Berle, nephew of the legendary comedic actor.

Watch the GEICO commercial and check out Uncle Miltie in the original “Round and Round” video. — Brad Harbison

© Poniz | iStock

Do Bees Have Knees?

In recognition of World Bee Day (May 20) University of California, Riverside’s top bee experts answered questions submitted on its Instagram page. The responses created, for lack of a better term, quite a buzz! One of the questions submitted was: Do bees have knees? Erin Rankin, associate professor of entomology at UCR answered: Bees have jointed legs with several segments. However, they do have a joint between their femur and tibia. This joint would be the most like a knee. Many bees have a small plate in this position, called the “basitibial plate,” and it could be considered their equivalent of a “kneecap.” Go here for more fun bee facts from UC Riverside.

Truly Nolen’s Thayer Helps Educate Kids

When Truly Nolen Pest Control realized families would be home for extended periods of time across the country, the company shot a video with its Western Region Trainer Thayer Thacker. In the two-minute video for Facebook (which was edited to one minute for Instagram), Thayer explains where kids can download a FREE coloring book with additional printable activities; he also talks about his co-host spider Sophie and provides pest control tips.

Toby Srebnik, manager of public relations and communications, Truly Nolen, said, “We are in the process of shooting more episodes with Thayer, which will also include either Sophie or other insects from our Bug Room; D-I-Y prevention tips about different insects and rodents; and FREE fun activities for kids and families. We realize the importance of providing content for families during the current climate, and we are happy to be able to provide these segments.” Watch the video. — Brad Harbison