A Letter from Bell Laboratories

2015 State of the Rodent Market: Sponsored by Bell Laboratories - 2015 State of the Rodent Market: Sponsored by Bell Laboratories

December 28, 2015

At Bell, our mission is focused on you — our valued customers. We direct our efforts to bringing you the highest-quality rodenticides and rodent control products available on the market, whether that means expanding the scope of use for the Bell products you trust, or working towards prompt delivery of product from the production line to your door. We are continually striving to provide all of the tools you need to manage every job — from the smallest to toughest rodent infestations.

One tool you already have in your arsenal, Contrac® All-Weather Blox,™ now has an expanded label that includes non-commensal rodent species. We worked with the U.S. EPA to facilitate this revision because when we provide a more inclusive label, you can expand rodent control services while adhering to label guidelines. Our new label allows you to bait for 14 species, including deer mice, white-footed mice, meadow voles and cotton rats.

We know the tools you rely on every day aren’t effective if not prepared, shipped and delivered with care. That’s why we expanded our logistics capabilities by constructing a 300,000 sq. ft. shipping facility. This new facility (pictured below) enables us to better process, store and distribute orders to ensure you receive the highest quality and freshest baits, right away.

We hope you continue to turn to Bell for the rodent control tools you need. All of us at Bell appreciate your business and support and wish you the best in 2016.

The Bell Team