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Sponsored Content - 2022 State of the Bed Bug Control Market

November 7, 2022

Methods for controlling bed bugs are constantly evolving as the industry works to better protect people’s homes, health and businesses. Innovation is top of mind at Envu, and bed bug control in particular is a segment where we are focused on bringing new, impactful technologies to the market. This commitment to driving the industry forward is why Envu is proud to sponsor the 2022 State of the Bed Bug Control Market report which provides pest management professionals important insights and analyses to give them a greater understanding of the dynamic bed bug control market. We are thankful to everyone who took time to be surveyed and interviewed for this essential resource.

At Envu, Temprid® FX insecticide is our tried-and-true product for controlling bed bugs. It is a flexible, powerful response to these hard-to-kill, parasitic pests. We also have the leading scientists and technical experts in the field who can provide guidance and share best practices at any time. This combination of Temprid FX and expertise from Envu gives pest management professionals the confidence to take on the toughest bed bug jobs.

There is no question the industry has improved in controlling bed bugs. We are more precise now than ever before in our treatments. We have also become stronger in our knowledge and methods for prevention and inspection. However, there is still a significant stigma associated with these pests, and customers are hypersensitive about infestations, which means we have to keep our focus on innovating solutions that deliver peace of mind.

Pest management professionals can count on Envu to continue providing the highest-quality products and essential expertise they have come to expect. They can also depend on Envu to lead the way in moving the industry forward.


Matt Remmen, Technical Market Development Manager, Envu Professional Pest Management