American Pest Control Celebrates 50 Years in Business

American Pest Control Celebrates 50 Years in Business

The company was founded in 1971 by Gene Higginbotham and is led today by his children, Laurie and Scott Higginbotham.

November 17, 2020

ATHENS, Ga. - American Pest Control is ringing in its 50th anniversary with a year-long celebration

American Pest Control was founded in 1971 by Gene Higginbotham, an Oconee County native. Higginbotham, affectionally referred to as "Mr. Gene," worked for a national chain pest control company for several years, traveling with his family to work in cities across the U.S., before launching his own business.

Higginbotham passed away in 2015 after a battle with cancer. His children, Laurie and Scott Higginbotham, continue to operate the company with the same values he instilled in them and integrated into its service philosophy. A great testament to the family-oriented culture of the business is the longevity of its employees. Kathy Hollin and Doug Craft joined Mr. Gene soon after he opened the company's doors and remain employed with the company to this day.  

As part of year-long celebrations, the company launched Operation 50/50 on its 49th anniversary (Nov. 15, 2020). The community and customer-oriented campaign will extend throughout the entire year, culminating in a celebration of their 50th year. Throughout 2021, the company will invite employees, customers, and community members to join them in fundraisers, service projects, and giveaways designed to thank the communities that have allowed them to thrive for nearly half a century. Closing out 2020 with a goal to surpass 50 volunteer hours in 50 days, the first initiative of the new year will be a charity 5K hosted by American Pest Control. They will continue to announce each 50-day long campaign throughout the year on

In addition to Operation 50/50, the company will be weaving the celebratory 50-year theme throughout its existing customer, community, and employee initiatives. The Gene Higginbotham Memorial Scholarship, for example, will celebrate the founding year by awarding students across the company's broad service areas with scholarships in the amount of $1,971 for the monumental year. Learn more about the company at