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Features - Vehicle Wrap Contest

Zunex Pest Control won PCT’s Vehicle Wrap Contest with an eye-catching design highlighted by a color-contrasting spider on a shield.

November 7, 2022

Zunex Pest Control, winner of this year’s PCT Vehicle Wrap Contest.
Josh Zuniga

By Brad Harbison

PCT announced Zunex Pest Control, Auburn, Wash., as the winner of our fourth Vehicle Wrap Contest. Zunex won with an eye-catching design highlighted by a color-contrasting spider on a shield. Josh Zuniga, CEO of Zunex Pest Control, wins $500 from PCT. The competition was sponsored by Oldham Chemicals.

Key to this wrap design is the turquoise, white and black color scheme. “I just love the color turquoise. It’s my wedding ring color, and I love the matte black,” said Zuniga.

Another must-have for Zuniga was the shield. Zunex Pest Control, a family-owned and -operated business, is primarily a residential pest control firm, so the shield “was about letting people know that our family will take care of their family,” Zuniga said.

In addition to the color scheme and imagery, PCT’s judges liked that this wrap was clean — prominently displaying the phone number and the company’s core services (pest, rodent and mosquito). “It was something we thought about a lot,” Zuniga said. “There were certain things we wanted to include but we didn’t want it to be cluttered, so it was a balancing act.”

Zuniga took this concept to 99 Designs, a graphic design service by Vista. For the design program Zunex chose, various graphic designers submitted their ideas and Zuniga selected the designer based on those submissions.

Zunex has only been in business 18 months. Investing in high-quality wraps was a strategic decision Zuniga made to boost the brand by (1) showing the public they wouldn’t compromise on quality in any aspect of its brand — from its wrap to the lengths they go to ensure customer satisfaction. The wrap “is a visual reminder that Zunex decided even before day one that we wouldn’t cut corners,” he said; and (2) they get noticed. “The vibrant blue contrasts with the satin black, and we have gotten phone calls from people seeing our vans, enough so that it paid for itself,” he said.

The following is a review of the 10 finalist photos from this year’s competition.

The author is lead news editor of PCT magazine.


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