Bayer Announces Launch of Barricor

Bayer Announces Launch of Barricor

The product features a new formulation technology that delivers superior performance on gravel, mulch, concrete and more, Bayer reports.

March 15, 2019

CARY, N.C. – The Pest Management & Public Health (PMPH) business of Bayer, within the company's Crop Science division, introduces its latest product: Barricor - SP, an affordable innovation for frequent maintenance applications on complex surfaces. Barricor features a new solid particle (SP) formulation technology that delivers superior performance on gravel, mulch, concrete and more, according to the manufacturer.

Barricor features a functional label that has no signal word and requires no personal protective equipment (PPE). The solid particle formulation technology enables the active ingredient to remain elevated on complex, porous surfaces, making it more bio-available to pests, according to Bayer.

“Pest management professionals need an affordable alternative for their frequent service accounts that gets the job done right – and Barricor delivers. The new high-performance, low-dose-rate formulation was designed specifically with these frequent maintenance accounts in mind,” said Dave Braness, customer marketing manager for Household Health within the Bayer PMPH business. “We’re proud to help sustain and protect this business model for those PMPs who rely on bifenthrin-based products to support their operations.”  

Barricor is an efficacious and economical alternative to bifenthrin-based products, Bayer reports. 

“While Bayer is known for our high-end, specialty innovations that tackle customers’ toughest pest problems, we’re also proud to offer solutions to support the frequent service requirements of PMPs who just need to keep the usual-suspect pests at bay during regular services,” said Joe Barile, technical service lead for Bayer Pest Management & Public Health. “We’re especially proud of Barricor because it offers an alternative to economy sprays and enables us to deliver innovation to PMPs who might not have leveraged Bayer products in the past.” 

For more information on Barricor – SP, visit or contact your Bayer sales representative.