February Bed Bug Activity Shows Nationwide Slowdown, BedBug Central Reports

February Bed Bug Activity Shows Nationwide Slowdown, BedBug Central Reports

Data showed bed bug activity slowed in February throughout most of the U.S., according to new findings from BedBug Central.


LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. — Winter’s cold weather temperatures have put a freeze on most of the bed bug activity across the country, according to BedBug Central’s February Bed Bug Activity Survey

“February’s data showed bed bugs continue to be slow throughout the country,” said Jeff White, director of innovation and technical content, BedBug Central. “The industry as a whole was very slow in terms of companies reporting an increase in bed bug activity. There was only one region that broke 40% in terms to the number of companies reporting being ‘up’ in activity.”

The one region that broke the mold in February was the Southeast, Region 2. For the past three months, data has trended in the direction of more companies reporting being up each month. 

White explained that although the country saw a decline in bed bug activity for February, he predicted the slowdown last month for most of the country and expects to see activity pick up in March similar to the trend noted in Region 2. 

“I expect to see activity pick up in the month of March,” White said. “I don’t expect to see a significant rise in numbers but I believe companies will see an increase in activity for March.”

In December, Region 2 had 41% of companies reporting being “down.” The following month, 55% of companies reported being “flat” in terms of bed bug activity. For February, over 52% of companies reported being up, which White originally predicted after January’s data.

“The only region that had more than 50% of reporting companies being ‘up’ for February was Region 2, which I predicted last month.” White said. “I expected that if there was going to be a region that would see an increase in activity for February it would be Region 2 since they tend to have their winter end sooner than other regions, which I believe is why we are seeing this type of data.”

Although White’s predictions came true for Region 2, he was still stunned by the vast amount of companies reporting being down in that region.

“The last three months seem to be a transition from slow to ‘up,’ however, there are still a large amount of companies reporting being down in Region 2,” he said. “Even though Region 2 had the largest increase in activity, it also had the highest percentage of companies reporting being ‘down’ and the lowest ‘flat’ percentage for February. It is definitely odd to see this sort of data.”

White suspects that as the weather warms up for the rest of the country the bed bug activity trend that Region 2 is seeing will be replicated across the other regions. White is also looking forward to comparing the data from March to last year’s data.

“I’m excited to say that next month I will be creating a year in review of all the data we have collected since last March,” he said. “It’ll be interesting to see the trends in data and how they compare to historical data on bed bug activity.”

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