Bird Barrier Releases 25th Anniversary Product Catalog

Bird Barrier Releases 25th Anniversary Product Catalog

The 2018 product catalog features more than 60 pages of bird control solutions.

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CARSON, Calif. – Bird Barrier America has released its 2018 product catalog. It features 62 pages of bird control solutions, tools and equipment used by professionals to solve bird problems on residential, commercial and industrial structures. The company’s product line includes industry standards like StealthNet, Bird-Flite, Dura-Spike, Optical Gel, Bird-Shock Flex-Track, Eagle Eye, OvoControl and Daddi Long Legs.

Bird Barrier’s catalog sells products and shows how bird problems are tackled through many project photos.

New in the catalog:

Online Bidding Tools. Bird Barrier already offers an online estimator, instruction videos and training classes. Now it offers two new timesavers that will quickly identify a solution and estimate an installed price. The Product Advisor presents the best product for the job after answering three simple questions. The Quick Quote advises a proposed selling price that can be shared with a facility manager to gauge their interest.

The Intimidator for Woodpeckers. This product rotates in the breeze, reflecting erratic light flashes on the side of a house. This stops the damage immediately and sends the woodpeckers in search of other wood sources.They mount to the structure with a single screw, or magnet, and can be easily moved from spot to spot.

Optical Gel Contractor Packs. Optical Gel is now available in a 200-Dish Contractor Pack. It is easier to transport and access the dishes and uses significantly less cardboard, the manufacturer reported.

Sparrow Trap Door Alert. The Sparrow Trap Door is used to capture sparrows and starlings inside commercial structures. Now it can send a text message to multiple cell phones the second it catches a bird, saving significant monitoring time and allowing for faster removal of the bird from the site.

Eagle Eye Reflectors. Eagle Eyes keep pigeons, gulls and starlings from roofs and other large open surfaces. Now they’ve been enhanced with a more reflective mylar film that runs down the center of each side of the pyramid.

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