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Focus on Bird Control - Focus on Bird Control

A review of bird products for the professional pest control industry.

April 11, 2019

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BirdBGone BirdBGone’s Bird Net 2000 is a trusted solution when it comes to excluding pest birds from customers’ valuable property, the manufacturer says. BirdBGone says it continues to innovate and expand its product offerings through advances in hardware, extension of custom lengths and the introduction of new net technologies for PMPs’ harshest applications. BirdBGone’s products include:
  • Black Hardware — Black Bird Net installs are virtually invisible from the ground with BirdBGone’s new Black Oxide coated net hardware, the firm says.
  • 2-inch Net Magnets — PMPs who need to install Bird Net around sensitive metal equipment/infrastructure can use the firm’s new 2-inch Net Magnets, which have 40 pounds pull strength.
  • Extended Heavy-Duty Net Lengths — PMPs can now custom order Heavy Duty Net in lengths up to 200 feet. (Custom-cut nets include a free extra foot.)
  • Flame Retardant Net — Tested in compliance with ASTM and NFPA 701, BirdBGone’s Flame Retardant Net extinguishes itself when exposed to open flame using innovative filament technology, the company says.
  • Pond Netting — Durable Pond Netting is now available for harsh jobs. Custom-cut pond nets come in various mesh sizes, from ¾- to 4-inch, and break strengths from 116 to 740 pounds.


BirdBuffer is an invisible dry vapor solution that safely and humanely controls pest birds, the manufacturer says. Bird issues are not new to PMPs; there have long been many available solutions. BirdBuffer says it is an effective alternative to these products. To learn more about BirdBuffer’s patented solutions, visit the company’s website,


Bird-X’s Stainless Steel Bird Spikes are 100 percent effective wherever placed, and are backed by a 10-year warranty, the manufacturer reports. Physical barriers are an effective way to keep birds off surfaces because they eliminate birds’ ability to perch, roost or nest. Stainless Steel Spikes won’t corrode or decay, and install easily with adhesive, nails, screws or ties, the company says. Bird-X Bird Spikes have a flexible polycarbonate base that allows for installation on curved surfaces. With four variations — narrow, regular, extra tall and extra wide — virtually all types of birds can be deterred. Even stubborn birds like seagulls will not land when extra tall spikes are in place, Bird-X reports. Pest management professionals can reduce clean-up time and labor costs with Bird-X Stainless Steel Bird Spikes, the company adds.

Chicago-based Bird-X has spent more than 50 years protecting public areas from more than 60 bird-spread transmissible diseases. A leading international brand of humane bird control solutions, Bird-X manufactures a complete line of unique bird control products, protecting the health of humans, wildlife and the environment by deterring birds from unwanted areas without harming them, the firm says.

Bird Barrier

Optical Gel from Bird Barrier differentiates itself from other tubes of squirt-on bird gels because of its “secret sauce,” the manufacturer reports. It’s a force field that keeps birds from landing on a protected surface. Birds approach a roof dotted with Optical Gel and veer away, as if scared for their lives, according to manufacturer Bird Barrier.

This product is easy to install and allows pest management professionals to enter the bird market quickly, Bird Barrier says.

Bird Barrier offers free one-hour webinars (visit that show exactly how and where to apply Optical Gel. Applicators/installers must clean the site and space the discs properly (not too close, not too far away from each other).

Bird Barrier also offers other bird control products, including StealthNet, Bird-Shock, BirdSlide and Dura-Spikes.

Bird Control Group

New technology developed out of the Netherlands is proving to be an effective tool in bird control. Bird Control Group says its products have been embraced by many industries as a cost-effective and safe solution, delivering common results of up to 90 percent bird reduction. The company developed an easy-to-use software tool called AVIX Connect, which allows PMPs to provide a customized proposal to effectively solve a customer’s bird problem.

Bird Control Group’s lasers leverage a bird’s innate fight or flight response by shining a laser beam across a predetermined path or structure, which in turn causes the bird to “escape” the perceived imminent danger. “The human eye sees the laser as a moving green dot, but a bird’s eye interprets this same dot as an actual beam of light or barrier, and will fly away to avoid contact,” explains Wayne Ackermann, director of business development for North America.

The company says industrial use of the lasers is ramping up in the U.S. with several operational lasers at big box stores, solar sites, commercial rooftops and industrial facilities.

Internationally, Bird Control Group has seen successful results in many industries ranging from agriculture, commercial real estate, airports, oil and gas sites, nuclear power stations and pest control, the company says.


Already registered in 49 of 50 states and Canada, OvoControl P, “birth control” for pigeons, is now available in Mexico. “Just as in the U.S. market, many commercial sites and communities in Mexico are plagued with pigeons,” said Erick Wolf, CEO of Innolytics, maker of OvoControl. “More than anything, as the popularity of OvoControl has grown, requests for the product have also increased in Mexico.”

Mexico-based ECONTROL, a part of Mylva, has been named the distributor of OvoControl P for the Mexico market. Benjamin Gómez, managing director of ECONTROL, commented, “We plan to focus on stored grain facilities, tourism and the export economy. The critical importance of food safety in Mexico cannot be overstated and pigeons can represent serious risks. Our pest control customers and their clients are keenly interested in innovative options to control the pigeon population safely and humanely. OvoControl meets these criteria and fits well with ECONTROL’s portfolio.”

Gómez added, “OvoControl works like an IGR, but for birds instead of insects. We believe that birth control for pigeons is a valuable addition to the portfolio of bird control tools that can be used in Mexico.”

OvoControl is a ready-to-use bait, which is dispensed on flat rooftops with an automatic feeder. Innolytics says this effective and humane technology is particularly useful for managing flocks of pigeons in larger areas without having to use extreme solutions and their associated risks.

Nixalite of America

Established in 1950, Nixalite of America invented and patented the world’s first bird spike. Today, Nixalite offers nine different bird spike models designed for different applications, infestation levels and budgets. All of the bird spikes manufactured by Nixalite are constructed of 100 percent high-grade stainless steel made in the United States. Options for the Nixalite Spikes include 2- or 4-foot lengths, sharp or blunt tip spikes, powder coat colors and various fastening choices.

Other bird control products available from Nixalite include nine different types of bird netting, Bird Zap Shock Track, FliteLine, exclusion devices, chemical repellents, bird traps, and sound and visual bird deterrents. Visit to see their complete bird control product line and online automated estimating applications.

Nixalite of America is a fourth-generation, family-owned full service company offering free planning and estimating services. Nixalite’s 24,000-square-foot manufacturing and executive facilities are located in East Moline, Ill. This is where the hand- built Nixalite machines turn high-grade stainless steel wire and strip into a bird and climbing animal control system. At Nixalite all pest management customers qualify for wholesale pricing.

Viking Product Supply

Bird Banisher deters woodpeckers and other pest birds away from homes and orchards. According to manufacturer Viking Product Supply, it is built with high-quality components to ensure motion even with the slightest wind speed. Bird Banisher can be used on residential and commercial properties and is built for longevity, providing consistent protection. Bird Banisher says it uses high-quality products such as stainless steel ball bearing swivels for maximum movement in all wind conditions, powder-coated galvanized steel rods and high-performance holographic components.