Brandenburg UK Exhibits Eco-Friendly LED Fly Traps

Brandenburg UK Exhibits Eco-Friendly LED Fly Traps

The company attended the COP26 Regional Roadshow at the University of Wolverhampton, where it shared with attendees the benefits of using LED traps.

November 13, 2021

WOLVERHAMPTON, U.K. — Brandenburg UK exhibited at the COP26 Regional Roadshow at the University of Wolverhampton on Nov. 11, where it explained how moving from fluorescent to LED fly traps can cut emissions by up to 87 percent.

Brandenburg’s professional insect control systems and fly trap technology are manufactured in the UK and are shipped to 140 countries worldwide. Its flagship products are used across a variety of industries, including food processing, restaurants, supermarkets, bottling plants, cafes, hotels, schools, airports and healthcare settings.

Over the past few years, the company, which recently signed a pledge to be carbon net zero by 2041, has taken a number of steps to reduce its own carbon footprint.

It has achieved a 69 percent reduction in carbon emissions since 2018 by switching from fluorescent to LED lighting at its offices and manufacturing facilities in the UK.

The company has also removed foam from its packaging, instead using entirely recyclable packing material, and is planning on moving to 100 percent renewable electricity and gas in early 2022.

So far, 50 percent of Brandenburg’s customers have converted to LED fly traps, and the company said it is confident all of them will by next year.

“When it comes to reducing their carbon emissions, fly traps probably aren’t the first thing that enter a company’s mind,” said Tahir Rashid, Brandenburg sales director. “A lot of people are really surprised when we explain just how much of a carbon reduction can be achieved by switching over to LED fly traps. Not only does it reduce carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption, it also saves a significant amount of money on electrical running costs. So it helps save the planet and also helps businesses save money.”

He added, “At Brandenburg, we are passionate about sustainability and want to do what we can to help the world achieve our carbon reduction targets. We all owe it to ourselves and future generations to do our bit.”

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