Certus Aqcuires Perx Pest Control

Certus Aqcuires Perx Pest Control

Certus continues its expansion into the Pacific Northwest with acquisition of Boise, Idaho-based Perx Pest Control.



GUILFORD, Conn. — Certus completed its acquisition of Perx Pest Control on May 12, 2020. Perx Pest Control was founded in 2014 and provides pest management services to the greater BosieBoise, Idaho market. 

Brothers Jake and Max Perkes said, “We couldn’t be happier for our employees as Perx Pest Control was welcomed into the Certus family of companies this past week. Overall, it was a positive experience even though we were worried that, due to COVID-19 and a possible recession, our deal might not be fully honored. Now, with everything honored, we have a win-win for us and our employees. On day two, the stress of being an owner-operator was gone, and our staff was excited about their future — new vehicles, health benefits and paid time off, items we couldn’t offer them.” 

Mike Givlin, CEO and co-founder of Certus, said, “Jake and Max have put together a great team with years of industry experience. I am really excited to have this dedicated group of professionals join the Certus family.” 

Read more about Certus at: https://www.certuspest.com/