Collaborative Effort Supports Veterans Employment Initiative

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Tri-County Pest Control, The Bug Guy and BASF joined forces to provide a gratis termite treatment to the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative training facility.

July 12, 2018

Pictured in front of the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative Building are (kneeling, left to right): Corey Hoban (Tri-County), Jeff Moran (Tri-County), Tre Evins (The Bug Guy) and Jim Cannon (The Bug Guy); Standing (left to right): Jim Murphy (Tri-County), Jason Adam (Watchmaker student), Sam Cannan (Watchmaker instructor), Jim Gardner (Watchmaker student), Don Morton (Watchmaker student) and Ralph Taylor (The Bug Guy).

Editor’s note: In May, pest control companies from Pennsylvania (Tri-County Pest Control, Inc.) and Delaware (The Bug Guy), with products donated by BASF, volunteered their time and labor to treat the training facility for the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative, a program in which war veterans — especially disabled veterans — are taught the highly skilled art of watchmaking so they can find employment in this field. Jean Taylor, president of The Bug Guy, Dover, Del., and Jim Murphy, president of Tri-County Pest Control, Inc., Aston, Pa., shared this experience in the following article.

In our industry, every now and again we are offered an opportunity to be a part of an amazing adventure. The recent collaborative efforts of Tri-County Pest Control, Inc., The Bug Guy and BASF Pest Control Solutions was one such journey.

Few people know of the amazing horology program that is happening in the small town of Odessa, Del. A very humble gentleman, Sam Cannan, has started a world-class training program called the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative. He now oversees the school and provides watchmaking training and support to honorably discharged, combat wounded and disabled veterans. These men and women learn skills that will allow them to be financially independent and all training is done at no cost to the veteran. Unfortunately, many disabled veterans struggle to find employment, so providing a viable career opportunity for our honored veterans is one of the most important things that can be done to offset this national tragedy.

The program is going exceptionally well. The school has been receiving donations from all over the world from others in the field of horology; they recognize the incredible contribution this school will make and the various lives that will be touched and changed by the mission of the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative.

In April, it was discovered that termites were beginning to surface in various parts of the training facility. The school did not have the funds to deal with this issue, so Jim Murphy, president of Tri-County Pest Control, Inc., recognized the opportunity to assist. He reached out to Ralph and Jean Taylor of The Bug Guy, Dover, Del., as a show of unity between the Pennsylvania company (Tri-County) and the Delaware company (The Bug Guy). The two companies made a plan to move forward and offer the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative a gratis termite treatment as a way to show appreciation and support to this awesome organization. BASF Pest Control Solutions was pleased to assist by supplying the two companies with Termidor HE, a premium termiticide, to accomplish the job.

Each company chose a portion of the facility to provide the necessary treatment, ensuring that no areas were left unprotected. A full exterior treatment of the structure was performed; drilling and trenching were done where necessary. The interior hot-spots were drilled and treated, and certain areas, such as partition walls, were foamed between wall studs to relieve the necessity of drilling newly tiled and carpeted floors.

The two companies, previously unknown to each other, showed that amazing accomplishments can happen when the willingness and desire to help others in need takes precedent. It was a great day of collaboration and professional unity as the two companies teamed up together to assist this awesome group. What a pleasure, and honor, to share in dignity of purpose!