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Commercial Product Guide - Commercial Product Guide

December 13, 2016

Effective, Attractive Flytrap

From Gilbert Industries

The Gilbert® 2000GT Flying Venus flytrap from Gilbert Industries combines beautiful design with industry-leading effectiveness, creating a powerful tool for pest management professionals. The thin 2¾-inch design hugs the wall beautifully, creating an elegant ambiance, while secretly providing 24-hour, non-stop, silent capture of filthy, disease-carrying flies. It goes unrecognized in elegant dining rooms, luxurious hotels and hospital hallways. The 2000GT Flying Venus flytrap comes in four beautiful finishes. It is EPA registered, UL listed, CSA approved and meets FDA and USDA standards.

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New InVade Natural Clean Now Available

From Rockwell Labs Ltd

The latest addition to Rockwell’s market-leading Bio Sanitation product range, InVade Natural Clean, is now available for foaming, mopping, spraying and drain applications. Like all InVade products, new InVade Natural Clean contains a powerful proprietary blend of natural microbes that digest the organic debris and build-up that causes problems in commercial food-processing accounts. The difference is that all ingredients in InVade Natural Clean are natural and are listed on the label. This simplifies the process for using this technology in National Organic Program accounts, and other accounts that require all natural products and full ingredient disclosure. One quart of the concentrate is diluted to one gallon with water to make a solution that produces thick, long-lasting foam. For mopping, the use rate is 1-2 oz. per typical four-gallon mop bucket. InVade Natural Clean is available in one-gallon jugs from your Rockwell distributor. Visit for further info, or contact your Rockwell sales representative.

Tomahawk Comstock Series Traps

Comstock Series Traps manufactured by Tomahawk Live Trap are a different style of professional grade trap that utilizes a panless wire trigger system. This unique trigger system allows for the trap to be placed in any position when the trap is set, making it a great trap for chimney mounts and other vertical situations. Comstock Series Traps are available in many different sizes and styles for different removal situations or personal preferences. They include traps with flush mount doors, two door traps, traps with bait doors, traps with release doors and multi-purpose traps with built-on nose cones. Larger trap versions are also available for beaver, otter and other larger animals.

Comstock series traps feature a panless wire trigger mechanism that eliminates the need for animals to step on a trip pan. This trigger style allows for vertical setting and also gives trap shy animals a different look and confidence to enter the trap. Comstock Series Traps are constructed with tight ½” x 1” galvanized wire mesh available in either 14 gauge or 12 gauge. This tight mesh pattern eliminates animals from reaching in and stealing bait and also reduces property damage by trapped animals. Comstock Series Traps also feature heavy-duty, powerful trap door springs that lock the door into place and close faster than any other cage trap available. These heavy-duty trap door springs eliminate the chance of animals backing out of the trap if the door closes on them. All Comstock Series Traps come with a black powder coated finish.

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