Phil Cooper Leaves ServiceMaster

Phil Cooper Leaves ServiceMaster

Cooper, who has been with ServiceMaster since he sold Cooper Pest Solutions to ServiceMaster in 2018, is leaving to launch a start-up business in the knowledge management sector.

March 23, 2020

MEMPHIS - Phil Cooper, who previously worked at ServiceMaster as senior director of specialty brands, Terminix, announced he has left the organization to launch a start-up business, EvolveYT. Cooper made the announcement in an e-communication.

Cooper had been with ServiceMaster since 2018 when he sold Cooper Pest Solutions to ServiceMaster. In his announcement, Cooper stated, “I’ve spent the last 18 months working as part of an amazing leadership team at Terminix. I would not trade the last 18 months for anything. It was like going for a master’s degree, I grew immeasurably, both personally and professionally from the experience. For many reasons I decided to go in a different direction and my time with ServiceMaster/Terminix ended on March 20. We parted on great terms and I wish them only the best into the future.”

Cooper said his new venture is the knowledge management sector. “We will look to serve a variety of industries of which pest management will be one. As this is a full-time commitment, I will not be involved with BedBug Central on a day-to-day basis, much to the relief of my very capable BBC team. We are rolling out our initial product offerings under the brand of EvolveYT.”

Cooper said Evolve will offer both in-person training/consulting as well as a very comprehensive virtual university, focusing on topics as varied as: leadership, bridging generational relationships in the workplace, creating replicable systems, improving your firm’s transferrable value and other crucial, but potentially neglected aspects of a successful business. Sessions will be geared to both ownership (train-the-trainer) as well as key members of your leadership teams.