Bobby Corrigan Interviewed for ‘Talking Pest Management’ Video Program

Bobby Corrigan Interviewed for ‘Talking Pest Management’ Video Program

Corrigan looks to the future, discussing the rapidly increasing use of remote sensing digital technology in an interview that is part of a new international pest control interview program.


BORCHEN, GERMANY: In a wide ranging interview undertaken as part of the new Talking Pest Management series, Dr Bobby Corrigan of RMC Pest Management Consulting, NY casts his eye to the future and discusses the rapidly increasing use of remote sensing digital technology. “Remote sensors can capture data, but it cannot interpret it. Technicians will never be replaced by new technology,” Corrigan predicts. 

This is one of the many predictions on to the future of pest management expressed by Bobby Corrigan in this interview with Daniel Schröer with Talking Pest Management, the new topical international interview series. CLICK HERE to listen.

Corrigan explains how it is the obligation of professional pest managers to not just treat the pests but to profile the population, so progress can by assessed. Remote digital monitoring provides the means of doing this. Interpretation of the data will enhance the standing of the technician, not threaten them. The technician of tomorrow is one of an observational biologist.”

This view very much echoes the thoughts expressed by Hakan Kjellberg, the technical director of Anticimex, based in Sweden and also recently interviewed by Schröer. Kjellberg neatly sums up the difference between the old and the new way of collecting data as the difference between “Guessing and knowing.”

Tesco, with nearly 7,000 stores worldwide, has certainly embraced this new technology as revealed by Tony O’Donovan, the company’s global head of pest control in another interview in the series. In what O’Donovan thinks must be the largest contract for connected technology in the world, he says “This surely marks the tipping point for digital pest control in our industry. For Tesco, data is gold. We need to know what is going on and why.”

About Talking Pest Management

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