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PCT will host its fifth annual Rodent Control Virtual Conference next month. Plan to attend if you’re interested in learning how to better manage complex rodent infestations in both urban and rural settings.

October 8, 2018

Rodent control is one of the pest management industry’s most dynamic and profitable vertical market segments. In fact, service revenue from controlling rats and mice in commercial and residential accounts increased 6.4 percent in 2017 to $860 million, according to Specialty Consultants, a research firm with almost two decades of experience covering the pest control industry.

There is also a significant amount of innovation occurring in the rodent control marketplace, including new and improved rodenticide formulations; the introduction of IoT-based rodent monitoring systems; and the latest advancements in trapping technology. If you’re thinking about expanding your rodent control service offerings or learning more about new opportunities in this dynamic marketplace, you won’t want to miss PCT’s Virtual Rodent Conference on Wednesday, Nov. 28.

Sponsors include BASF, Bell Laboratories, Global Material Technologies, Senestech and Syngenta.

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