Education Made Easy: Commercial Virtual Conference in September

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PCT’s Commercial Pest Control Virtual Conference will be held in September. Attend from your home or office!

August 5, 2020

Of all the markets served by the structural pest control industry, the commercial segment has been the most severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. PMPs serving the restaurant and hospitality industry, in particular, have felt the greatest pain, but no one is immune to the financial fallout from one of the worst public health crises in our nation’s history.

Yet despite the recent downturn in the commercial market, there is still significant opportunity for PMPs interested in servicing food-processing plants, health-care facilities, commercial kitchens, multi-family housing, senior living communities, food warehouse and distribution facilities, and other commercial clients.

If you’re considering entering this important field, or simply would like to learn more about the most effective treatment options and sales techniques for growing your commercial business, you’ll want to attend PCT’s Commercial Pest Control Virtual Conference on Wed., Sept. 23.

Sessions and speakers include:

  • IPM and Proper Documentation for Commercial Accounts. Speaker: Dan Baldwin, Director of Technical, Training and Regulatory Services, Terminix Commercial
  • How to Overcome Customer Service Challenges in Commercial Accounts. Speaker: Brad Baker, Director of Technical Services, Gregory Pest Solutions
  • How to Sell Profitable & Successful Commercial Services. Speaker: Patrick Quigley, President, Sales Training by Design
  • Fly Management in Commercial Accounts. Speaker: Stoy Hedges, Owner/President, Stoy Pest Consulting