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PCT’s virtual M&A and wealth-building conference will be held in August. Attend from your home or office!

July 9, 2020

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Designed for any PMP exploring the possibility of a sale, currently in the market for acquisitions, or laying the groundwork for succession planning, the seventh annual PCT Mergers & Acquisitions Virtual Conference features an exciting new addition this year: a discussion of the essential role of wealth management in ensuring your long-term financial health.

The mergers and acquisitions market has undergone seismic changes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the financial planning industry was turned upside down by this once-in-a-generation event, so what’s an entrepreneur to do to protect and grow their most valuable investment — their business?

Find out in this half-day conference featuring some of the leading minds in the industry, veterans of the M&A and financial management markets, each with decades of practical experience counseling PMPs and other successful entrepreneurs.

If you would like to learn more from M&A “insiders” with a proven track- record of building wealth, you’re in luck. This year’s list of instructors reads like a “Who’s Who” of the M&A marketplace including Kemp Anderson, founder and president, Kemp Anderson Consulting; Paul Giannamore, managing director, The Potomac Pest Control Group; Dan Gordon, managing director, PCO M&A Specialists; and Tony Anderson, managing partner and CEO of ARS Wealth Advisors.

Attendees also will hear from representatives of the event’s sponsors, who will share their company’s philosophy as it relates to mergers and acquisitions.

Sessions and speakers include:

  • Profitability & Profitability Ratios: A Key Indicator of Your Company’s Managerial Efficiency. Speaker: Dan Gordon, Owner and CPA, PCO M&A Specialists
  • Pest Control Valuation and Mergers & Acquisitions in a Post- Coronavirus World. Speaker: Paul Giannamore, Managing Director, The Potomac Pest Control Group
  • A PMP’s Guide to Wealth Management. Speakers: Kemp Anderson, Owner/President, Kemp Anderson Consulting; and Tony Anderson, Managing Partner/CEO, ARS Wealth Advisors