Elevation Ten Thousand Captures 12 Addy Awards

Elevation Ten Thousand Captures 12 Addy Awards

The awards recognize excellence in the marketing and advertising community by honoring agencies and professionals.

ALBANY, N.Y. — Elevation Ten Thousand was recently presented with 12 awards at this year’s Capital Region Ad Federation (Craf) ADDYs Award ceremony. 
Craf recognizes excellence in the marketing and advertising community by honoring agencies and professionals for their hard work, dedication, and creative expertise. The award ceremony brings together marketing and advertising agencies throughout New York’s Capital Region to recognize work that is compelling, meaningful, and tailored to the unique needs and goals of the client. Elevation Ten Thousand earned 12 awards at this year’s ceremony, surpassing the competition. 
Winning submissions are in a variety of formats, including graphic design, video and sound design, as well as cinematography. 
A gold ADDY Award was presented to Elevation Ten Thousand in the Poster Campaign category for the design work and printing of Catseye Hero Posters for Catseye Pest Control. 
Two silver ADDY Awards were earned in the Film/Video/Sound Branded Content: More than :60 Seconds and Sound Design for their work creating Rat City Trailer for Catseye Pest Control, a piece featuring famed Pest control Rodentologist, Bobby Corrigan, PhD.  

“The footage that makes up most of Rat City was meant to be used in a simple training video with Bobby Corrigan. He’s like a rat whisperer in the industry. Once the footage was back in house, the idea spawned to make it into something Corrigan might want to use to promote Catseye Pest Control,” Creative Director Geoff Arbuckle explained. “Sometimes finding a way to turn something simple into an over-the-top movie trailer about rats taking over a city ends up being some of the most creative work you do. It’s not always how the project was originally envisioned that ends up in the final edit.”


The pieces created for Catseye Pest Control showcases the company in a light that is unique for the industry and reflects the family-friendly values and industry leading pest and exclusion services the company offers.  

“Elevation Ten Thousand takes a unique approach of integrating a holistic marketing strategy incorporating award-winning creative and national level film work with SEO, SEM, programmatic marketing, content, and social media,” said David Miclette, president of Elevation Ten Thousand. “We give pest and wildlife control companies the necessary tools under one roof, which simplifies the process and accelerates results. Elevation Ten Thousand is driving in its own lane as there aren’t other agencies approaching integrated marketing the way we do.”

Learn more about Elevation Ten Thousand at www.elevation10k.com