Elrod family
Morgan, Landry and Austin Elrod.
Photo courtesy of Austin Elrod

Pest Force’s Elrod Raising Funds for Families of Uvalde School Shooting

Austin Elrod and his company are raising funds to support the Uvalde community and he is encouraging others in the pest control industry to do so as well.

May 26, 2022

MIDLOTHIAN, Texas – As the father of 2-year-old son Landry and a lifelong Texan, Pest Force founder and CEO Austin Elrod was heartbroken with news of the May 24 Uvalde (Texas) school shooting that killed 21 people, including 19 children.

“When I came home and looked at [Landry] and saw his bright eyes and then to think about those kids and their families and what they are going through...it is unfathomable,” Elrod said. "I want to take action and do something that I hope helps in any way possible. If what we are doing can impact just one person in a positive way, then we have achieved our goal.”

The action Elrod and Pest Force is taking is to donate a percentage of any new service payment in the next 30 days to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), volunteers, and relief funds to help the Uvalde Community. Pest Force employees also offered to donate all of their commissions for the next 30 days to support the campaign, and the company will match 25% of this additional amount as a donation.

“I am proud of my Pest Force team for coming together and getting behind this effort to provide support for the Uvalde community,” said Elrod.

Additionally, Elrod would like to see the entire pest control industry get involved. “We activated a special area on our website, www.pestforceusa/takeaction, where you can find links to fundraising accounts, institutions and initiatives that help the Uvalde victims and work to prevent these type of tragedies from happening again,” Elrod said.

To get more information about this campaign you can go to www.pestforceusa/takeaction and Pest Force Pest Control Social media channels @pestforceusa or write an email to info@pestforcepestcontrol.com.