EverCommerce Acquires Briostack

EverCommerce Acquires Briostack

Briostack, a scheduling software platform for pest control companies, has joined forces with service commerce platform EverCommerce.

February 5, 2021

DENVER -  EverCommerce, a leading service commerce platform, completed the acquisition of Briostack, a scheduling software platform for pest control companies. Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, Briostack enables over 650 pest control companies who service the residential and commercial market to maximize revenue and improve efficiency. The company will join EverCommerce's portfolio of home and field service software, enabling it to provide customers with faster access to more products, a broader suite of solutions, and more resources.

Briostack's next-generation software is comprised of three solutions – BrioOffice, BrioTech, and BrioSales – that work in tandem to reduce costs and drive revenue. BrioOffice connects management with sales teams and technicians through centralized dashboards and calendars. BrioTech is a field app enabling technicians to view job updates in real time, receive optimized routing, and customize appointments. BrioSales is a sales focused module providing dedicated dashboards, leaderboards, and partitioned sales maps to grow revenue in real time.

"Briostack's solutions have been a major contributor to the success of pest control companies across North America and are an ideal addition to EverCommerce's portfolio of home and field service software," said Matt Feierstein, president and COO of EverCommerce. "Their end-to-end solutions enable companies to focus on building their core business while optimizing their management and field operations. We look forward to working together to provide best-in-class, innovative software for our customers."

The EverCommerce home and field services portfolio includes a diverse mix of solutions including cloud-based billing, office management, dispatch software, lead generation, marketing and customer engagement solutions for companies servicing the residential and commercial markets. With this acquisition, EverCommerce will advance its mission to provide end-to-end, mission-critical solutions that enable companies in the home and field service industry to accelerate growth, streamline operations, and increase customer retention.

"We're excited about the growth and strategic opportunities ahead of us with EverCommerce," said Brandon Grover, Briostack's president and founder. "Briostack has become a trusted name in the pest control industry, and EverCommerce will enable us to do even more for our industry as we plan for our future."